My bucket list

Things I would really love to be able to do before I die:

  1. At least one push up- if a 100, I would die in peace or one piece, happily.
  2. Free of knee pain
  3. Able to climb up stairs (without panting)instead of taking the elevator and not looking like a sick, cardiac patient by the time I reach floor three.
  4. Able to do proper squats and complete the 100 squat challenge ( Fitness Blender)


Reading through them I think most of them are lifestyle related but I have wanted to be able to do these for about 5-6 years now but haven’t been able to, because ย of loss of heart after starting to learn.

Oh, and getting rid of my sweet tooth ! Sugar is my enemy- I am addicted to sugar- If I could only get rid of my sugar enemy, it would be the best thing in the world for me, I think.

Do you think I could do any of these in this lifetime.:)


20 thoughts on “My bucket list

  1. Cutting down on sugar is always a good one to aim for. Even if you can’t cut it out completely, just reducing your intake will have benefits. Don’t replace it with ghastly sweeteners, though – those things are not good for your body. It’s all about training your taste buds to accept a bit of change, and when you’re used to it, cut down even further. I managed, over time, to reduce the sugar in my tea, and now I don’t have any sugar in it because I genuinely prefer the taste of the tea without it.

    I still like sweet things like chocolate, but I ration myself, and I try to eat fruit instead. It’s so easy to buy a chocolate when you get peckish, but much better to take an apple in your handbag and munch that instead. I know it has natural fruit sugar in it, but it’s healthier…

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    1. I did try the apple exchange for a bar of Mars chocolate( which I was craving). I ate the apple first and because I craved, I caved and bought two Mars bars and — well, it all turned up on my tummy.


  2. You can do it! It’s all in your head. Sugar needs a proper detox otherwise you will truly constantly crave it. The other things are just a question of you doing it. You need to start slow and build up and then you’ll get there. Do it. It’s in your hands. ๐Ÿ’•

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  3. Susie, we all know I exercise so I can eat! If you do the former,you don’t have to get rid of that sugar tooth. And for the others, I just added pushups to my routine since plank seems so easy–and I am up to 2! But plank was so EASY… at a time! and then two…it works with stairs and pushups!

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      1. I am not able to do even one, Sam. I can do a couple of the lady push ups, but even those in not so proper form. I wish I could watch a video of you doing pushups so I could learn too! Thank you for the support !


  4. Yes, you can do those exercises…if your knee allows, but losing a sweet tooth??? I think that is impossible. I have one too…and since I like to bake…it’s hopeless. I enjoyed reading through your bucket list. I’m nearing 60, 59 this year, and there are definitely exercises I can’t do too many repetitions of any more.(Squats is the worst for me, I only do three a day at most) One thing I like to do is yoga stretches…my own way. I always feel good after I stretch.

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  5. You made me laugh so much, because I too can’t do those squats or rid myself of my Sweet Tooth. ha ha ha ha. Nice Bucket List.
    My Bucket List would be – Round the World Trip and Drop down from a plane with a Parachute.

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