Trips, trips and luggage

I was in Boston for four days attending a research ethics course at the Mecca of Medicine, at least in my assessment. Having gone with almost no expectation at all, I must assert that I learnt a lot, made some new friends and enjoyed myself. On the health front, apart from the first day, when I taxied myself to the conference venue, not knowing the way there ( $ 40 down), I did a lot of walking sometimes even up to 16000 steps a day, a feat I have never ever accomplished. This was a slow walk because as you well know, my bulk does not permit a fast walk. But the weather was pleasant and the company non-existent( all the better to get a good walk) and the steps did not seem painful at all. In fact the only side effect I could feel was tiredness in my upper thighs( not knee joints). I had no chest pain.

On the way back to my lodgings, I passed Target. Having heard so much about Target and its good bargains, I dropped in there. Only to find things ¬†cost almost as much or more as Marshall’s. Also I forgot my Sainsbury’s ¬†carrybag I had with me with my crocheted shawl inside, there and had to walk three times around the store, before I found it on the floor near the lingerie section. I had stopped there, and contemplated on whether to buy new lingerie to fit my growing frame about 10 minutes earlier. But all’s well that ends well and I got home from Target with no major accident.

I had negotiated the trip alone into the US this time, no husband or child tagging along- so I was pre-warned and alerted about keeping my documents safe, my money locked, my handbags closed and my laptops & other electronics out of the way. I must confess until I was on home turf, I was on high alert ( as much as I could be) and till I brought everything home again, I breathed safe again.

On the positive, all the walking made me lose 2 kgs and am at 88 kgs now. I hope it lasts !