Troll- the evil that men do—

Do you ever troll those who have been in your past lives and see how they are doing for themselves now ?

Shamefacedly I must confess I do. Silently like the paparazzi pursuing celebrities, I like to read about my past contacts, people who didn’t “treat” me well and people who were just there in my life.

It is a very bad trait of mine and I would like to get rid of it( not much, but sometimes :))

Do you troll ?

4 thoughts on “Troll- the evil that men do—

  1. Susie, it’s all about our heart. I just thought now- God keeps His eyes on us too, He knows what we are doing and why we are doing what we are.
    He keeps up with His children not to stalk or troll, but because He loves us. Wow! Just thought of how much He loves you, all of us. Amazing!


  2. I have looked up people from the past to see if I can find them. Usually people who I liked to see if I can reconnect. Those I don’t like or who have mistreated me, I try to forget about for the most part. It works…time does take away a lot of the sting of the past. I’ll tell you the truth…the best thing I have done in my recent past, was totally walk away from Facebook. I miss the photographs, but I think one of the most destructive things in our modern era has been Facebook. I can’t tell you how many times things connected with Facebook made me feel badly. I finally wised up and deactivated.

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