Exorbitant shipping costs on Amazon

I love shopping on Amazon. It has most of the products and books that I have. My very traditional family would perhaps not approve but I do love the luxury of online shopping.

My issues are that:

  1. I am not eligible for an Amazon Gift card as am not based in the US or have a Social Security Number
  2. I am not eligible for Amazon Prime for the same reason.
  3. And again, not for the 2 day shipping option within the US.

On all accounts, my location is a big no-no. I have to pay a 23 $ shipping cost for an item that costs 5$. I am trying to purchase easy threading sewing needles for those visually challenged and this is what happened to me.

So I discovered the joys of ebay. Ebay has an option for Free International Shipping. For a time I used this option, till I discovered that the Free International Shipping reduces my choices. For example, I get a guaranteed product from the US or UK if I don’t click Free International Shipping but if I do click Free international shipping, then I get products from China and if I am lucky, Hong Kong. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not discriminating here but sometimes I just love the product advertised and want to have it but I am not willing to pay the very high International Shipping Costs.

The whole of last week, I was trying to get a book called the Step Diet : Counting Steps not calories. The book price at a book store in the US would be around $ 16 but with shipping and all I would have to pay $ 80 for this book. I ordered and cancelled this book at least 15 times over the past 6 days.

Till today, I searched for a a second hand online store for books and with free international shipping. Its called Better World Books. I have ordered 4 books. Three of them are Paddington Bear books. ( I love Paddington Bear). And all for $ 10. I now have a 21 day wait, which is ok, all considered.

Has anyone found the Amazon International Shipping costs high ?

5 thoughts on “Exorbitant shipping costs on Amazon

  1. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for reading. Is Pacer like a pedometer ? I will download it.
    I am stuck with these very high shipping costs.
    I am reading all your old posts, one by one and remembering you everyday my friend.

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    1. Susie, you are so precious. Please forgive me being so distracted. I’m going to look at yours now. I miss you. Decided to use the computer, it’s too many steps to make comments on the cell phone. I enjoyed talking with you so much. May God grant you all the desires of your heart, Deb

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  2. Hi Susie, I so wish you were able to have Amazon Prime. Hopefully, the company in the future will be able to offer Amazon Prime to International Customers. I would find it frustrating too.

    I think Paddington Bear is adorable. He is what is great about art. A few strokes of pen, a wash of watercolors, a bit of story, and you have that sweet character. Have a happy day. Kathy

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