Reporting day 10 and day 11

Day 10- Yesterday- November 1

A very difficult day for me. I managed to get up at 4 am as I usually do for my time of quiet meditation and then to start off the kitchen fires to prepare hot breakfasts and lunches for the family. I managed to pull along till 6 am when I saw them off at the door. After that my body went into under- drive, if there is a word like that. I couldn’t sit up or do anything. My mind was in a fog. I just had to lie down. I had to be at work by 8 am and here I was not able to do a thing or concentrate on anything. So back to bed I went and tried to get back to sleep. I couldn’t do it- my mind was in overdrive and my body was not able to calm my mind down. I tossed and turned and tried to count sheep and everything else – to no effect.

Finally I pulled myself out of bed and drove to work, reaching there by around 8:30 am. A couple of cups of tea later, no improvement in my situation. Around 12, during my lunch break, I closed the door and napped for about an hour- that turned the situation and I felt a little active after that.

It struck me that I might be having severe sugar withdrawal symptoms. I had gone cold turkey 10 days back. And true enough, the internet says, week 2 can have such symptoms as I had- feverishness, lethargy and so on. I managed to pull on through the day and tried to sleep it off but after a short nap between 8-10 pm, sleep eluded me again.

Day 11

So here I am with 4 hours of sleep, red eyes, watering and sitting at my office desk – thinking about whether today will be better than yesterday and whether I can pull off another nap during lunch hour. The scale says 87 kg and my clothes say at least one inch off. Face looking less rotund than before and skin is shining but I thought I always had good skin- maybe its shining more than usual.

The only cereal allowed are whole – like barley or quinoa or farro( which I don’t know how to cook). So the sugar withdrawal must be really bad inside my body. I haven’t been doing my daily 10 K for these days because of my lethargy. If I get through today, there will be 23 days more.