Trading in the Addiction

An alternate view

R. Sativus

Why are some types of addiction not only acceptable, but even encouraged and admired? Ultimately, they’re all the same thing, aren’t they?

If I were to go out and toot five lines of cocaine every day, I would have a problem.

But if I were to go out and run five miles every day, I would be a paragon of virtue.

Maybe those are a little extreme.


In my early twenties, I did some cocaine. I feel like anything I can possibly think to say after that statement has just become suspect, but there it is. And here’s the followup: honestly, it wasn’t that much.

My roommate had a problem. It was serious enough that we stopped getting along, and she moved back in with her dad, quit paying her half of the rent, and got me (technically us both, but she didn’t live there anymore) evicted from the…

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