Day 13- the scale never goes below 87

I have been hovering around 87 kgs for more than a week now- sometimes the scale shows  88 and sometimes 89 but it always returns to 87- so I know I must be there. The amount I eat is so little compared to what I used to eat 2 weeks back but this is all that has happened.

Of course, with the decrease in energy, I have been sitting around a lot this week and not doing my 10K as I should have. Some days I thought I was going to pass off because I hadn’t provided myself with enough of the snacks from home.

I start week 3 soon- the book says we need to go on for 32 days. From yesterday, we were allowed to reintroduce fruit- though I haven’t done so yet.

At the end of day 13, the cravings seem to all have gone down. I am not tempted by any foods any longer- though sometimes while cooking, out of habit,I feel like popping a sample in my mouth. I am going to stop doing that too.

Yesterday evening we went out. We ate out at a place where there is health food available. I had a bowl of lentil soup and 1/2 a plate of quinoa and spinach salad.