Day 16- half way mark

Got confused between the day count yesterday. In my enthusiasm, my post was titled Day 16 when it was actually day 15. The low carb-ness perhaps affecting my brain.

On the positive, I attained 10,000 steps yesterday and some more. I walk in the corridors of my university where there is a wide, square marble corridor lined by classrooms on all sides. One round gives me 350 steps or thereabouts.

The sugar cravings diet,  as I call it , effects :

  1. By 16 days, there is literally no desire for sugar at all. Even at 3-4 pm which was when I used to die for a Coconut bounty or two.
  2. Tiredness, sleepiness off an on.
  3. The recipes prescribed are very practical, simple and eatable. The flavors are basic and they are things we can put together ourselves without too much of an expense.
  4. Urine: Passing urine all the time- even at night- which is what perhaps makes my sleep so disturbed. I used to think eating sweet things later at night led to my frequent visits to the toilet but it seems going low carb itself makes the body produce more urine. Has anyone faced this ?
  5. Acidity : Over the past two days, since fruit was reintroduced, I have had some acidity, which is ok but if I require to take antacids, I need to be aware that they are all sweet.
  6. Thirst : There is a degree of excessive thirst and that is good as it reminds me always to drink more water

The most troubling symptom has been the urination. I hope it passes as everything else has.

Weight : 86 kgs. At last. At long last. I am not in the obese range of BMI anymore. And I don’t plan to go back there.


I went out into the sunshine during my lunch hour for some fresh air and my feet took me to the park in the university. It was hot but pleasantly. I walked through the nicely cemented paths in the park which are created, up and down and low and high, literally- it is marvellous how they have managed to created a green spine in the middle of a university in the desert. The walk gave me my 6000 steps needed to make my 10000. So I am a happy soul today + when I came back to my desk, nothing of importance had happened. My cup runneth over !