Day 24

Going to the bathroom I found a trickle of blood, I thought it was my monthlies but about 10 minutes early. Note that as I am peri menopausal, these things come without notice and with no rhyme or rhythm. So I started using pads, only to find that there has been nothing more, overnight. I have concluded that it must have been ovulatory bleeding(mittelschmerz) or that I am having a pre-menstrual flow as a warning. My husband has been urging me to have a scan to see on progress of fibroids, such as they are.

It is surprising that at my age, a woman might ovulate. Anyway, surprises will never cease.

The diet is still going on and I am bloated, as might be expected with all the hormonal changes going on. I seem to be stuck at 87 kg.

Sugar cravings : nil. Breast size: come down 3 inches ( success).

Back side ( 2-3 inches off). Waist ( possibly 2 inches)

I love the recipes on this diet. They are all perfectly creatable and eatable and don’t need expensive ingredients. No chia, macha, or fancy stuff. Sometimes we use barley, quinoa and wheat berries( which I haven’t tried yet, not having any).