Daily Prompt: Anticipation

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

In anticipation.

A cat in my laundry room,

As stray as can be.

No one wants him alive,

But me.

Life is difficult for a stray

Especially when fair weather goes away.

A poisoner of cats turns up in Winter

And wishes the strays away.

This stray has been a survivor,

Surviving two tough years in the wild.

Feral he is not,

He loves to be with humans

Though timid, he has a lot of love to give

Two days ago, this evening

I found him shivering

Brought him to my laundry room

Wishing the poisoner had spared him.

Two whole days of waiting,

Finally he raised his head up today

And when I called his name,

His ears perked up and his tail was set a-wagging.

A tin of cat food was brought out

To try to tempt him to eat

Some of his erstwhile forbidden delicacies,

Were now freely available.

If only he would eat,

I waited in anticipation.

Until the first bite in his mouth he put,

And swallowed it whole.

There is no more satisfaction

Thank watching an animal

Sent back from God,

To restore one human’s faith

in God and man.

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Anticipation

    1. He seems so much better Kathy- perhaps he wasn’t poisoned or perhaps he didn’t take too much of it in- but I know this for sure, yesterday evening the Lord laid his hands on him. He was so sick last evening and today he has eaten two meals and walked on his own. He’s still in the laundry room outside on his cushion. I look on him every two hours or so.

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    1. Dear Faye,
      I have read that in some places it is illegal to feed strays- I would have thought any sensibly thinking government would think- at least some one is feeding them and they are partially off our heads.
      I love reading your tales and seeing your photographs- you seem a wonderful cook . Happy Thanksgiving Faye.

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  1. Our cat left when the dog showed up. But now she is back. I feed her in the front of the house and dog stays in the back.
    Our cat is mostly feral, she will only let us pet her when she is eating. Otherwise we can’t touch her. If she would allow it, I’d bring her inside, but she runs away.
    Glad you can enjoy yours.

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  2. Susie you have such a heart of gold! I’m so glad that God answered your prayer. Gundu is so lucky to have you and God watching over him. I will keep him in my prayers too that his health continues to improve daily. I’m so glad he is able to stay in the laundry room where he is safe from the elements. May God continue to bless both you and Gundu with favors of health!! xo

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    1. Now it seems there are three suspects. I don’t care who it is except that they do it and a lot of poor kitties lie around the place and we, sensitive souls have to deal with the emotions and their little bodies, which is heartbreaking.

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      1. Great- that is good information to know- it is neighbours, we are sure of that- people who are now being reported as having said they would do so + the fact that the corpses lie around the vicinity of my house, which is perhaps the house these poor things knew as the one that would provide some comfort.

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