On a recent visit to the home country to see my daughter, her friends and she( 20 somethings) persuaded me to go with them to a Disney movie.

I must confess I am so out of touch with things, that I have never watched a Disney movie. I went along with them because I like to think they wanted me to go with them but I was planning to sleep through the movie in the theatre and catch up on some forty winks.

The sound effects kept me awake at first and then the 3 D motion of the images put a scare in me. I could not sleep for the life of me.

Sleep being deprived, I had to watch and I do not regret it.

I loved it.

Muana is a young girl who lives on a Pacific island. The story talks of old world values, family, simple pleasures of life, little materialistic desires and a world which is near idyllic. The story is punctuated with beautiful songs and dances. Then Muana has an adventure and what an adventure it was. It took her far from her familiar life to a world unknown, in search of unknown treasures and restoration of her island’s pristine heritage. I would say, this was a must-watch movie.

Thanks to my daughter and her friends who took me into their world for a little while.


If your aim is to get 10000 steps per day, I think it is better if you start getting as many steps as you can early in the morning or at least before 10 am, so you have a surplus number of steps in your account. If it happens that the rest of the day is to be spent sitting down for meetings, or meeting friends or watching a movie, it might be better to plan a little in advance and try to get as many of the steps before the sedentary part of your day.

What do you think ?