The week after Christmas

We had four days of paid leave granted by my University for Christmas and post Christmas celebrations. It was a well needed break.

Christmas Tree 2016.JPG

Our Christmas Tree at home

On the Sunday of Christmas, I managed to go to church after a long time here. I had been to church a couple of times in the Summer and once in Birmingham but not here for a long time- so it was an event worth the celebration. Being a working day, the people who attended were not as much as might have been expected on a regular Christmas that fell on the weekend. But my daughter who had insisted on going, was happy because she could sing carols along with the choir. The choir is seated on a terrace above the church so we cannot see them from the pews below. But every now and then, when the pianist played with a little more force than usual, we saw people turn up and look at the choir. At first, I wondered what was up there but I soon perceived  the variations in tone of the piano. But in keeping with the Christmas spirit, it made sense as when a particularly meaningful verse was sung, there was more emphasis given in tone.

My daughter had  her Physics mock exam on the 27th, so she needed to get back to her books at the earliest after the service, which ended at 12:30 pm. So after the regular Fellowship they had in the church hall, which was cake, chips and coffee for those who wanted it, we rushed home. I started up a vegetable fried rice and my husband popped over to learn how to make a chicken roast as he is leaving soon to live alone for about half a year and will need to cook food on his own. Our chicken roast is spicy and not at all like the English or American chicken or turkey roast. The chicken is cut in small pieces, marinated in a lot of spices, a gravy made with plenty of onions, garlic, ginger and tomato and the marinated chicken is allowed to cook in the juices from all the vegetables. It takes some time but is well worth the effort and goes well with a rice or roti or a naan bread, if you have some handy. For sweets, my daughter’s ginger bread men came up and they were made gluten free considering she is off wheat because of polycystic ovarian tendencies she might have. The flour was millet flour- unusual tasting  but edible.

The rest of the 25th and 26th, we spent studying physics together. I was glad I didn’t have to take leave from work and we could manage to study with the official time off from the university.  The Physics exam went well on the 27th- I went to school to collect her after the exam, which again is a privilege I don’t often get, as I am at work when her school finishes. So I am grateful for that mercy.


Her Study Table 

On the 29th was her English exam, and she planned to write the exam without preparing too much for it as she wanted to sleep off her tiredness after the Physics exam and also learn some Biology for her Biology exam which would be on January 3rd. The English exam went well- so that is ok.

For me, I worked on a crochet project during these days- a wrap made in multiple colors. Most of my work seems to end up in multi colored hues as I run out of one color of yarn after I have started the project and then need to make do with what I have.  I will post a picture soon. ( A Bob Wilson project)



Bob Wilson crochet wrap

Inspired by my crochet success, I went to the yarn shop yesterday and spent about 500 of our currency which would come up to about 100 $ to buy yarns of three different colors and hopefully in sufficient amounts. My daughter has asked for shawls which she could wear while she sits in classes where the AC is turned on high even in winter.


All my new yarn

I had to work yesterday but there were very few at work-most preferring to take a leave for the one remaining day of the week and then coming fresh to work on January 1, 2017

20 thoughts on “The week after Christmas

    1. Yes April- we work with so little leave here that every day given freely is a gift we cherish.Hope your Christmas went well. Did you get a few days off work ?
      Wishing you a safe New Year celebration tonight and a happy new year to you and all of yours.

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  1. Susie, Sundays are a regular work day? Do you get any days off every week?
    I’m so GLAD y’all were able to make it to church!! I love singing Christmas carols!
    Wonderful to hear that DD did well on her exam.
    What pretty wrap, and yarn!
    Happy New Year, my sweet, sweet friend!
    Love, Lucy

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      1. Interesting. Is your country not considered a “Christian” nation ?
        I just assumed everyone has Sundays off, as a matter of course! I need to remember what assuming does!!
        I used to crochet, once long ago, and far away. But the only thing I ever finished was a pot holder or two!


      1. It was good to just relax for the week. Someone in the family, either our house, or children’s houses, has been sick or recovering from surgeries for almost a month…my turn seemed to come Christmas Eve until about now I am feeling better. It’s that time of year that people get sick. It was a good time to take a break.


  2. Susie the wrap you crocheted is lovely. The new yarn will look beautiful crocheted into shawls. I have no idea how the comment above this one ended up on this post. I meant to put it on your list of five things to do in the New Year. Sorry my friend, sometimes I have no idea what buttons I am hitting and what they will do. In this case…I still have no idea how the comment ended up on this post. I guess it will forever be a mystery. Kathy


      1. Yes, they are…I still don’t know how I posted about them on the wrong page. Let’s hope I get myself together a little better for the New Year. I’m chuckling at myself as I write this.


  3. Susie,
    I’m so glad you got to attend church on Christmas. I thought of you when I was in church and tried to video some of our service to send to you. The videos did not turn out very well.
    Glad you and your daughter had good time studying together. Your shawl is beautiful. The new yarn will be beautiful as a shawl too.
    I hate to hear your husband will be elsewhere for half a year due to work. Whew! That would be so hard for me. My hubby went elsewhere for work in 2015 and after a couple of months I flew in to join him. Then I stayed until his job was over. I’m such a baby. LOL!
    Happy New Year to you my friend.

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