My strays

There are a lot of stray cats around my house. My house cat has been adopted from among them. We call him Sunshine.


This is a picture of Sunshine, whom is part of my profile picture too. He is 5 years old. He is generally even tempered except when the weather is good and then he wants to be outside all the time. We don’t let him go out and then he really gets angry. He is more of my husband’s pet than mine as my husband is a cat person.

Here are a few of the other strays that hang around my house hoping for a tidbit.


This is Fluff Ball, seated on our old cooking range, we have put outside to be taken for repairs. In relationship, she would be a step-sister of Sunshine- their mothers are the same. She is gentle usually but has been known to give out a mean slap on occasion. She has had two litters so far- she must be about a year and a half old.


Fluff Ball on her favorite perch- the cooking range.

The grey cat below is Chunnu Munnu. She was a weak kitten, the smallest of her mother’s litter and she has been through some tough times. A mother herself before she was a year old, she didn’t know what to do with her kittens and lost all of them. She has been fixed now and so can’t have any more. Recently she had an injury near her tail and we worried for her but now she seems to be doing well. She loves bread, rice and foods other than regular cat food.



Chunnu Munnu trying to go into our laundry room, where she has been nursed through many illnesses( I try to keep her there when she is sick). She feels safe there. The brown cat in the picture is her brother- Gundu.


This is Gundu in profile. He is standing on my kitchen window sill, hoping I have his breakfast ready for him. He likes eating on the window sill as it is safe from his other brothers and sisters and he can eat a full meal, without hindrance.

dsc00036Gundu trying to get off the cooking range. Note his crocheted cat collar, which he wears with pride. Gundu is another of the cats of Chunnu Munnu’s litter who I am especially fond of as he is generally good and is very loving.He is fixed too.


The black cat above is Konky, called so as he is squint eyed. All the cats from Ginger, their mother are born with eye infection. Many of them have lost eyes because of the infection the mother cat has. Konky was lucky in that he escaped with just a squint and no other ill effect. The others in the picture are Fluff Ball and the little one is Organdie- she is the youngest member of the group and belongs to Fluff Ball, who seems to have forgotten she is hers. Organdie has leucoma in one eye, so she has just one working eye. She is cute and looks like a little caterpillar. She wears a red crocheted neck band in this picture.


Konky mewing loudly for food. The brown cat looking up is Gundu.


The one eyed cat on the cooking range along with Gundu is Jackie- she is cousin to Organdie and has lost one eye to the vaginal infection her mother had. It is a sad sight to see her but she has a very pleasant, happy disposition. dsc00046

I am not sure what the name of this cat is  – he belongs to someone but comes often to my house to meet the other cats. He was here the whole of 2016. Some of the kids in the compound call him Snow Queen.