Once in a  while you have forgotten the benefits you reaped from a once favorite book or the advice of a good friend or the inspirations you thought of yourself when you were in a thinking mood. And you are on the verge of going back to old habits, old thoughts, old emotions and things you once gave up but are now beckoning you with all the colors of temptation. These are times when you need to go back to your roots- the books that gave you strength once or the friend whose advice was so dear to you or an  inspirational reading.

I have a chocolate craving now almost every day, when I had almost cured it by the end of November. Fortunately the love for sweets has not yet returned.

Debbie from talkingtomyweightlosscounselor-god, wrote a post yesterday, which inspired this post.

I was inspired to take down old favorite books by Norman Vincent Peale

  1. You can if you think you can 
  2. Reaching your potential

I am going to start reading them again.

According to Debbie, we need to hand over ourselves, our family, our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations, and everything that concerns us to God and watch as he unfolds his dreams for us. I am going to do this- in fact, I have already done so- after I read Debbie’s post  on Trust.