#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 16th/17- Impenetrable

I imagine a fort at Jericho, across the Dead Sea from Jordan in what is now the West Bank. It must have been a good 3000 years ago. One man stood looking up at what must have been impenetrable walls. The walled city was the first civilized settlement the Israelites came across when they reached the Promised Land. Joshua was on scout duty- he needed to find out how impenetrable the barrier was. He could not trust anyone else with the task of finding out if weaknesses in the impenetrable city walls.

Just as he was looking at the wall and wondering if there was a weak point in the wall, through which his men and women could get through, a man stood in front of him with a sword in his hand. Startled, Joshua wondered who he was and where he appeared from. Being of a blunt nature, he asked him, ” Are you for us or against us ?”.

The man replied, ” Neither. I have come with a message from the Lord.”.

Joshua fell down and knelt before the man. The man told Joshua that all of Jericho had been delivered to the Israelites, even before they had had to attack its impenetrable walls. All he had to do was to gather all his army and march around the city of Jericho once every day for six days. It was like he was being asked to take his army for a warm up before the real war. On the seventh day, he had to march seven times around the city with all the priests blowing their trumpets, loud and clear. It had to be a battle cry. This would be accompanied by a loud shout from all the army. The sound barriers of the wall would be penetrated and the walls would fall down.

There would be no need for a fight of any sort. Just calm, cool walking.


Isn’t our life meant to be lived like that ? Calm and cool and reassured that all is going to go well. Like Joshua we need to believe even before something happens, that something good will happen. Walls that seem impenetrable, bills that seem un- payable and  dreams that seem un- achievable will just vanish. All we need is to have faith in our selves and in our creator.

6 thoughts on “#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 16th/17- Impenetrable

  1. Oh I love this Susie! Yes you are right that is what our lives should be like…calm, cool and assured that all is well, that God has us in the palm of His hand and that everything always works out for us!! Great post. 🙂

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