jusjojan-daily-prompt-jan-19th/17- Rubbish


I can think of many meanings or uses of the word ” rubbish”. 

One incident from a book I remember is in ” The Five Find- outers in the Mystery of the Disappearing Cat”. A villain gardener threw a lot of strawberry runners which he was cutting or trimming off, on the “rubbish” heap. Beth found them and carried them home and planted them in her little garden, thinking that as they were going to be burnt on the “rubbish” heap, there would be no need to ask for permission before using them. The evil gardener came stomping up her garden, and found his rubbish-ed strawberry plants in Beth’s garden and angrily pulled them off the ground and stamped on them. Beth cried her heart out. As a child, I used to wonder about the cruelty of a man, who could be mean enough to not let a child use his rubbish-ed plant cuttings.

These days, people speak of reduce, reuse and recycle. I am so happy to note and read that a lot of fellow bloggers make it their life’s mission to do so and to make beauty from rubbish. I don’t mean rubbish in a demeaning way but as a word of common usage-something we wouldn’t find any use for. One of these is my friend Kathy at threepsandq.com. She writes an interesting blog and often posts her tips and ways of reusing stuff. Another of my blogging friends who is very much into creative work is Faye of the chicken grandma. Recently she posted about how she made her winter days useful and productive by using her evening time to make covered hangers.

My family is traveling home today and will be out of the country for two days and I promised myself that I would do a yarn bombing project using Faye’s idea and try to use my rubbish yarns to cover up my rubbish-ed hangers, we get from our laundry. A win-win situation both ways.

Thank you, Faye and Kathy for inspiring me to be creative.

17 thoughts on “jusjojan-daily-prompt-jan-19th/17- Rubbish

    1. I did. I used up all the bits of yarn I didn’t know what I was going to do with here.
      Most difficult part was getting it on the hanger and fitting it on it, I had to strain some muscle there. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Please post other patterns too- you never know who may find what useful.

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    1. Please post pics Debbie- I love to see them. Also how creative grandmothers were -no waste and make beauty out of waste right ? Where did they get hangers from and where did they get their ideas from, I wonder ?
      Debbie, how have you been, my friend ?

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