#JusJoJan Daily Prompt- Jan 26/17- Extraordinary

My husband is going on a 6 month sabbatical to study  liver transplants at Singapore. He has been having qualms about going there or anywhere for that matter. He has a cushy job here and makes a fair deal of money- has good work colleagues and has a fairly devoted patient clientele, who pay visits regularly. Being a person who dislikes change, he hates to leave all that and go back to being a student at 54, soon to be 55.

In a moment of rashness, he sent in an application to the Singapore hospital asking if they would accept him into the course, being too old that he thinks he is.

The Singapore program application process is vigorous to say the least. The application was scrutinised at all levels and after about 6 months, he found he was accepted to the program. By then, regrets had started setting in. But he decided to talk to his current boss as a first step. The boss told him not to resign his job but to take a year’s vacation off from work here and pursue whatever his heart told him to. What a wonderful boss ! One hurdle cleared.

Then came the governmental paper work and regulations that needed to be followed for a doctor to get a license to practise in Singapore. That required governmental paper work from here to Singapore. A few hitches occurred but everything got sorted our extraordinarily.

And again, finances- who would support him while he was in Singapore ? The course is without pay and Singapore is not a cheap place to stay in. That sorted itself out too, extraordinarily. He had paid leave of so many months which would give him a monthly pay till his course ended. Extraordinary !

Then accommodation. We had no clue as to how to do it. Just happened that on one of his trips to Singapore he met a man, who happened to have a whole apartment building which he rented out and it was near the hospital. He rented us a one room apartment, which is all we need at this time – expensive but doable. Extraordinary !

My husband who had never probably cooked a thing in his life, not having need to, suddenly has shown an interest in learning to cook, though with not much enthusiasm. He can do a decent chicken and cook rice, and make rotis too. So he may not starve. Eating out is not an option for him as he is not fond of Chinese food, so its either that or learn to cook. Learning to cook is no mean feat for him. Extraordinary !

Finally, the day is near. In four days time, he will be a student again- after about 15 years. It will be an extraordinary experience.

What I wanted to emphasise here is that he wanted to quit ever since he applied and has been regretting his application but things are all going the other way for him( against his wishes), he seems to be put in a situation, which will make a student out of him again. All hurdles were moved out of his way, extraordinarily.

In the natural course of things, if things are right and they are meant to be, no force on earth can stand in the way of things. Like the Biblical story of Jonah. Jonah was a reluctant preacher. He never wanted to go to Nineveh- he had better things to do but he set out on a reluctant journey and fought every inch of the way with God until he was swallowed by the whale and then he saw things as God saw them and wanted them. And he cooperated and saved one of the biggest towns in history. Nineveh, I have read, is twin city to Mosul in Iraq.


18 thoughts on “#JusJoJan Daily Prompt- Jan 26/17- Extraordinary

    1. Tina,
      Thanks for reading. I just wanted to say that if things are meant to be, whatever we do to go against it, it will happen. For people who welcome change, this is a good outcome but for some who are not willing for change, this may be tough.

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      1. I agree. Change is scary. To some the fear of growing old, to some the fear of loneliness, and others fear of losing a steady income. But change is inevitable- has to happen if it all things have fallen in place.

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  1. Funny how this has all worked out for him. Maybe the more he did not want it the more it was drawn to him. Obviously change is scary and the comforts of every day are not easy to leave…but I hope when it has ended that he will be so thankful that he did it! Are you going with him? Wishing you both a memorable experience!! 🙂


      1. That could be what’s giving him pause to…being without you. It’s only temporary though and you’ll both adjust, I think it’s such a wonderful opportunity!! Wishing him much adventure and success!! 🙂

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