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What does Blithe mean ? Perhaps it means happy. Remember the old rhyme ? And the child that is born on the Sabbath Day- is Bonnie, blithe and good and gay. Lucy Melinda from purpleslobinrecovery has nominated me for another award. Thank you Lucy. ,Mine is not an award free blog. I get nominated very rarely …

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Catching up

This last week has been a busy one- we had a proposal deadline to meet and the review process took days off our schedule. We even worked last weekend. One of my blog friends called me from her Tour of the Holy Land. It was the highlight of my day, the first time she called. …

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Arabic Lentil soup

We had unseasonal rains today. It is the weekend and it was raining. Over the last 6 days or so, we have had bits of rain but today was like the absolute, ultimate in rain. Why am I waxing eloquent on rain ? We get less than one day of rain per year in the …

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Blogger Recognition Award

Lucy Melinda from purpleslobinrecovery( one of my very own best friends and a woman after my own heart) nominated me for this award. ITs been a long time since I have been nominated for any award . Thank you, Lucy. Here are the rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to …

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Ark Archives

This collection of Noah’s ark jokes is from Melinda at purpleslobinrecovery.


Good morning, blogosphere!

slob, humor, ark memeslob, humor, ark memeslob, humor, ark meme                                          I can’t help it! This is funny!

slob, humor, ark meme

slob, humor, ark memeNow that’s funny!!

slob, humor, ark memeWell, looks like we got an ark theme going on!!      I better go hunt up 4 more!

slob, humor, ark memeark math!

slob, humor, ark memeBwahahaha!

slob, humor, ark memeslob, humor, ark meme

Animal Crackers!   That cracks me up!

Hope you started your week off laughing today!!

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I often wonder how falling in love might have been because for me that experience has never happened. The music playing in the background, the flowers, the courting, the songs, the looking into each other's eyes in their depths and fathoming the degree of love he had for me- nope- I have never felt it. …

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Readers Wanted. Inquire in comments or Twitter: @bowmanauthor

Also available on eBook & Softcover 6×9 Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift Start the Annie Movement to help stop the abuse of women, children, and all indiv… Source: Readers Wanted. Free eBook for honest review. Annie's Story, Blessed With A Gift. Historical Fiction based on hypnotic regression. I have lived before. Have you? …

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