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What does Blithe mean ? Perhaps it means happy. Remember the old rhyme ?

And the child that is born on the Sabbath Day- is Bonnie, blithe and good and gay. Lucy Melinda from purpleslobinrecovery has nominated me for another award. Thank you Lucy. ,Mine is not an award free blog. I get nominated very rarely for awards and right now, I am in the period where I enjoy reading others blogs than writing my own. So thanks to Lucy, I am back to writing again.


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I am linking to posts of some of my friends here instead of my own .



The bespectacled mother



Share 3 interesting and different facts about yourself.

  1. I used to have a good smile ( so I have been told) but I lost it maybe around the age of 18, when life and its realities started hitting me. I am now 47 and am trying hard to bring that smile back to my face.
  2. I am a medical doctor but strange for a doctor, I have a very strong interest in history, English literature, reading and writing fiction and my preferred books for reading are not my medical books but books which show old time values.
  3. My favorite color is red- why do I love red ? Because I think this color reflects who I am and my personality- vibrant( like to be), down to earth, simple, homely but likes to look good but too lazy and not confident enough to put in the effort to make myself look good.


Catching up

This last week has been a busy one- we had a proposal deadline to meet and the review process took days off our schedule. We even worked last weekend.

One of my blog friends called me from her Tour of the Holy Land. It was the highlight of my day, the first time she called. I never expected her to call me, when she was traveling. I never even knew she was traveling, though I had been wondering why she had been absent from the blog world for a time – then, I knew. I am hoping to read her memoirs here.

Another blog friend Debbie, released her book and that is one wonderful news I want to share. Congratulations, Debbie.

We got all the proposals in today. I have not been at my desk at work for the past two days.  I was attending a PRIM& R training for research ethics. In spite of the difficult work schedule, my very kind supervisor spared me from work. I got to meet people from my old work place, those I had been not wanting to meet so much too. We did some catching up.

Three and a half years is not a short time. Much has changed. Though water has flown down the bridge, it was not much. Time seems to have stood still over my old department. Many of the colleagues who were with me are no longer there. It used to give me pleasure to watch how retribution caught up one after the other of my colleagues, that gave me plenty of trouble days while I worked there. Today I found out that I did not really care anymore. I moved out of that workplace so they could have a free run of the place and do it free of any hindrance. But it seems that too much of a good thing was not so good. I tried to forgive them and prayed for them for sometime , especially when I was unemployed and had lost about a year and a half of work time from my CV because of my premature resignation. But now that I am with a lot of good friends in my new work place and I have come to terms with the changes in my life and come to appreciate and thank God for every thing, small and big, good or bad( what I think is bad) and maybe that has brought me healing.

Catching up seemed to bring realization to me that when I heard of things that happened to my old colleagues, those things didn’t bring me pleasure any more.

Perhaps I have healed after all.


Arabic Lentil soup

We had unseasonal rains today. It is the weekend and it was raining. Over the last 6 days or so, we have had bits of rain but today was like the absolute, ultimate in rain. Why am I waxing eloquent on rain ? We get less than one day of rain per year in the desert and this year, it is an unexpected bonanza. The rain didn’t bring down the temperature much, so it was pleasantly comfortable.

So comfortable in fact, that my daughter wanted me to get her lentil soup from Shakespeare. I was hesitant to go out in the rain, so I asked her if homemade lentil soup would do and she said yes, if I let her make gluten free brownies for dessert after. I said ok.

Hana, one of my colleagues had a few months back sent me a recipe for an Arabic Shorma, she called it, which is tasty lentil soup.

Here’s how I made it

· 2 tablespoons olive oil
· 1 small onion, peeled and chopped (about 1 cup)
· 1 medium Potato potatoes, peeled and chopped
· 1 cup chopped carrots
· ¼ cup red lentils
· 1 teaspoon white pepper
· 1 teaspoon dried thyme
· ½ teaspoon cumin
· ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper
· 5 cups low-sodium vegetable broth (preferably homemade)
· 2 tablespoons lemon juice
· 1 tablespoon butter or, for vegan, olive oil
· 2 scallions, thinly sliced crosswise
1. Place a large pot over medium-high heat. Add olive oil and chopped onions. Saute for 3-5 minutes until soft.
2. Add potatoes, carrots, lentils,  cumin and cayenne and cook for another minute, stirring continuously to prevent sticking. Pour in broth, add lemon juice, and cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until vegetables are soft.
3.  Remove soup from heat, allow to cool slightly. Puree in a blender, then return to pot to reheat. Serve hot and garnish with mushroom bits and green onions.

This is the website Hana used :

Potato, Carrot and Lentil Soup for the New Year

A big pot of hot lentil soup for less than half a cup of lentils- very good value indeed. In Shakespeare, we would have had to pay at least 12 $ for a bowl of soup. The soup was as tasty as the one from the shop. We each had two bowls each and didn’t want any main course for dinner, not that there was any.:)

It was just starters and dessert. The brownies got a trifle burnt and the daughter was a little disappointed but I was pleased as I could not eat even a bit of it.

But the soup was the highlight of the day.

Blogger Recognition Award

Lucy Melinda from purpleslobinrecovery( one of my very own best friends and a woman after my own heart) nominated me for this award. ITs been a long time since I have been nominated for any award . Thank you, Lucy.

Here are the rules:
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Blogger Recognition .png

Give a brief story of how your blog started.

In 2014, when I was 45, I started writing. I had no income. No, I was not starving or homeless but just didn’t have money to call my own. I had spent every penny of my end of service benefit and so was dependent on my husband for money. I was ok with it to tell you the truth but I am extravagant by nature and his allowance would not cover my extra expenses. I decided to take up writing to make an income. Most sites I visited required me to have a blog and provide a link to a blog. At first I desisted but finally gave in and in August 2014, I started writing a blog. It has brought me a lot of friends, some of whom I talk to on the telephone too, and am enjoying blogging thoroughly.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

1. Blogging opens you up to yourself before it opens you to the world outside. Be honest and the world will see your honesty.

2. Every human being has problems, issues, trouble spots. If you write about your own or read those of others, you will understand that the world is a much smaller place than you can even imagine.

Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

This is difficult. 

  1. Miriam
  2. Bethany
  3. Tina
  4. Tony
  5. Anne Mehrling
  6. Faye
  7. Kathy
  8. Deborah Crocker
  9. Deborah Bowman
  10. Judy
  11. Ritu
  12. April
  13. Deb
  14. Dolly
  15. Jackie 

Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

I will.

Ark Archives

This collection of Noah’s ark jokes is from Melinda at purpleslobinrecovery.


Good morning, blogosphere!

slob, humor, ark memeslob, humor, ark memeslob, humor, ark meme                                          I can’t help it! This is funny!

slob, humor, ark meme

slob, humor, ark memeNow that’s funny!!

slob, humor, ark memeWell, looks like we got an ark theme going on!!      I better go hunt up 4 more!

slob, humor, ark memeark math!

slob, humor, ark memeBwahahaha!

slob, humor, ark memeslob, humor, ark meme

Animal Crackers!   That cracks me up!

Hope you started your week off laughing today!!

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