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Also available on eBook & Softcover 6×9 Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift Start the Annie Movement to help stop the abuse of women, children, and all indiv…

Source: Readers Wanted. Free eBook for honest review. Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift. Historical Fiction based on hypnotic regression. I have lived before. Have you? 1600s Colonial America, a child is born with birth defects. Has the ridicule, bullying, abuse of women and children with special needs/Autism really stopped? No! Inquire in comments or Twitter: @bowmanauthor


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Those of us with invisible illnesses want to be heard. We struggle daily to be as normal as possible but we are no longer normal and we know it. We are in pain. Some physical pain, some mental, all are in very real pain. So please, if you have a friend or loved one that […]

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