Catching up

This last week has been a busy one- we had a proposal deadline to meet and the review process took days off our schedule. We even worked last weekend.

One of my blog friends called me from her Tour of the Holy Land. It was the highlight of my day, the first time she called. I never expected her to call me, when she was traveling. I never even knew she was traveling, though I had been wondering why she had been absent from the blog world for a time – then, I knew. I am hoping to read her memoirs here.

Another blog friend Debbie, released her book and that is one wonderful news I want to share. Congratulations, Debbie.

We got all the proposals in today. I have not been at my desk at work for the past two days. Β I was attending a PRIM& R training for research ethics. In spite of the difficult work schedule, my very kind supervisor spared me from work. I got to meet people from my old work place, those I had been not wanting to meet so much too. We did some catching up.

Three and a half years is not a short time. Much has changed. Though water has flown down the bridge, it was not much. Time seems to have stood still over my old department. Many of the colleagues who were with me are no longer there. It used to give me pleasure to watch how retribution caught up one after the other of my colleagues, that gave me plenty of trouble days while I worked there. Today I found out that I did not really care anymore. I moved out of that workplace so they could have a free run of the place and do it free of any hindrance. But it seems that too much of a good thing was not so good. I tried to forgive them and prayed for them for sometime , especially when I was unemployed and had lost about a year and a half of work time from my CV because of my premature resignation. But now that I am with a lot of good friends in my new work place and I have come to terms with the changes in my life and come to appreciate and thank God for every thing, small and big, good or bad( what I think is bad) and maybe that has brought me healing.

Catching up seemed to bring realization to me that when I heard of things that happened to my old colleagues, those things didn’t bring me pleasure any more.

Perhaps I have healed after all.


12 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Hi Susie, we all seem to have people like the ones you wrote of in our lives. Right now, I struggle with someone who hurt one of my sons. Unfortunately, because it involved a marriage and children, we cannot move/get away from the source of the tension and pain, it is ongoing. So, as you wisely state in your writing, I must come to terms with it, and thank God for every moment he brings…large and small. Wonderful post. Kathy


    1. I thought I had to write it but was hesitant in writing honestly because some of it reflects badly on me- wishing ill on those who did ill to me( I think). I honestly used to feel pleasure when I heard something bad happened to some of them. It is very un-Christian of me but I have done it. Today I found, I didn’t care any more- it was like a distant life and the someone involved was not someone I knew or interacted with before at all.
      Our Lord is good, Kathy. I am going to pray for your son’s family and him. The Lord may bring troubles to bring us closer to him.

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      1. I agree Susie, with all you say, and it is our human condition that makes us feel this way. All trials and hurts can bring us closer to him if we let them…I will pray that is the case for both of us. God bless you my friend. Kathy

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  2. What an honest post Susie. I have also wished ill on people who have hurt me. It is a struggle not to. It is also a God given relief when I find I know longer care about what has happened. I think God does give us time to heal and He knows what we are going through. I have since tried to pray for those who hurt me and my family. I find that helps.
    And Kathy, I do not know you but I am going to be praying for your circumstance as well. Family hurts are so hard.

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