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What does Blithe mean ? Perhaps it means happy. Remember the old rhyme ?

And the child that is born on the Sabbath Day- is Bonnie, blithe and good and gay. Lucy Melinda from purpleslobinrecovery has nominated me for another award. Thank you Lucy. ,Mine is not an award free blog. I get nominated very rarely for awards and right now, I am in the period where I enjoy reading others blogs than writing my own. So thanks to Lucy, I am back to writing again.


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I am linking to posts of some of my friends here instead of my own .



The bespectacled mother



Share 3 interesting and different facts about yourself.

  1. I used to have a good smile ( so I have been told) but I lost it maybe around the age of 18, when life and its realities started hitting me. I am now 47 and am trying hard to bring that smile back to my face.
  2. I am a medical doctor but strange for a doctor, I have a very strong interest in history, English literature, reading and writing fiction and my preferred books for reading are not my medical books but books which show old time values.
  3. My favorite color is red- why do I love red ? Because I think this color reflects who I am and my personality- vibrant( like to be), down to earth, simple, homely but likes to look good but too lazy and not confident enough to put in the effort to make myself look good.