March and April are months which signal end of school terms in many schools- sometimes these are extended well into June. Can you imagine such a long study period ?

My younger daughter is in the last throes of her school life. School exams and projects fill her day.

As her mother, the exam fever affects me too. I am in my second school life period now.

Daughter and I, we sit together poring over wave theories, relativity, ray optics, semi conductors- the whole works. We devour books and stories which we probably would never have read, had we the choice. We read Silas Marner and the Invisible Man ( H G Wells) this term. I am not sure if any of you has read the Invisible Man, but it is a difficult book to comprehend . For that matter, many of Wells’ stories are.

Next week we will be doing Math- when calculus and probability will rule the day and further down next week, we will be exploring the nuances of the IAPUC system in high school chemistry.

It would be good if mothers had all the answers- this has been a time, when I wished God had equipped us with all the answers. I have wished I could provide explanations, for questions which suddenly seem to have struck my daughter, a week before her exams. I have wanted to ask her why these questions did not strike her during the school year and why she stored them till the end. Where will I get her the answers from ?

I do my best- reading her wholly inadequate text books, net searching, digging into books borrowed from my university library.

Do I wish I had enrolled her with a private tutor to supplement her school lessons ? That I do not- she would simply not have had time to cope with her lessons and the time required for a tutor.

Going back to the grind now. Wish me luck !

16 thoughts on “Examinations

  1. “The Invisible Man” is very interesting. There are several versions of this story on youtube which may help you understand more about the story. The youtube versions are excellent.


      1. You are welcome! I am an English instructor and the youtube version is one of the best ways to involve my students. Yes, I am a minimalist and I dislike all the advertising we are surrounded by! I thought the story was funny.

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    1. Thank you Anne. I wish I knew the answers and had spent the time during the school year clarifying her doubts or reading up about them. There are some regrets. Have given everything to the Lord.


  2. Well this takes me back to when my children were in school. I remember the final year of high school and university applications being particularly stressful. But it all comes right in the end. Your daughter will thank you for the support.

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