Kat Vs Cat

A moment ago, I thought this should be my blog post for the day. We have a work day today and so at work, I heard from my co worker Kat that she had a problem.

Driving along on a Saturday afternoon towards the Marriott hotel in town, she saw a cat sitting on the concrete divider on the very busy highway, she was driving on. She thought in her mind, what is that cat doing out there- he is asking for trouble, he is going to get run over . She is not a cat lover by any shot. Anyway she passed him by for a bit and then her conscience got the better of her, so she U-turned and reached back to the spot  where she saw the cat. She managed to stop the car on the very busy highway and managed also not to get hit by passing cars and managed to grab the very ungrateful bunch of ill- temper and throw it hissing and spitting into her car. Then she drove to Marriott to complete her errand. She was at the hotel for three hours during which time, she let the windows of the car open and left some water for the cat, in case he got thirsty. By now you would have known that she is a very kind lady.

After her visit she drove back home but there was no sign of the cat, so she guessed it had left her at the hotel.

Fast forward that night, when she got a message from her neighbour that the head lights of her car were on; rushing out she saw that the lights were indeed on but she couldn’t figure out how they came to be on.

The next morning she found paw prints on the car seats and guessed her feline guest was still in the car but couldn’t be traced. She looked everywhere a cat might have gone to but no- she even got Pepper her dog to have a go but other than the fact that Pepper came back petrified, there was no sign of cat.

Finally convinced there was a cat poltergeist in the car, she put out some cat food, expressly purchased for the purpose and left water out too.

Now it has been nearly 36 hours but the cat still hasn’t come out.

All this time, she has been using the car and driving the car around with no sign of cat.

This morning there was cat poop on her car seat, so the cat was definitely there but where, no one could tell.

Just now, all of us office staff went out to the underground parking lot to look into the car and coax  the  cat out but to no avail.

No sign of cat. We have concluded that the cat is in the dashboard and other than removing the dashboard there is no way of getting the cat out.

I need to add that the car is a rented one and needs to be returned to the agency tomorrow.

Any ideas ?

15 thoughts on “Kat Vs Cat

  1. Did she try wet or dry cat food? It’s also obvious that the cat comes out when the car is not in use, it might take a lot of patience to sit in the car, not drive it all around & definitely no door opening & closing during the time of waiting for the cat to come out. Seems to me a lot of the problem with finding the cat is constant disturbances while someone is either in the car or searching it.

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    1. She tried both but the cat chooses to eat only when no one is looking.
      The vet has advised taking the dashboard out and looking for the cat in the dash but as it is a rented car, Kat is hesitant to do anything drastic.
      Agree with you that there are a lot of people always in and out of the car and the cat is probably petrified of coming out.

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      1. perhaps if there is an environment safe enough to open up the car, place food & water outside of the car & then just wait – most neighborhoods this is ill-advised , especially with a rental, also by this point she is likely out of time, sorry I could not be more helpful


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