Work place share

Sasha who works in our research office has just returned from a trip to California. She brought me a packet of chocolate mints- my favourites but I have kept them and been so good with them- not even peeking at them.

While walking through a mall in our town, Sasha found a store that sold make up products. I am not sure what the brand is but it was something pricey.

One other colleague, Hana, ┬áhad mentioned once to her that she liked the body cream from that particular brand. Sasha being so kind, went into that shop and looked for that product and found it. There were 5 tubes of different “flavors” ( is that the word ?) in one box and she picked it up for Hana.

Hana appreciated Sasha’s kindness and generosity.

A few days later, Sasha was in the office of another of our common colleagues, Ann. While visiting with her, Ann casually opened a cream tube and started applying the cream on her hands, while talking to Sasha. Sasha thought there was something familiar with the cream, so she asked Ann to let her look at it. Turns out the cream was one of the five flavors of creams from the same pricey brand, she had gifted to Hana a few days earlier.

Embarrassment ? Anger ? Frustration ? What would be the emotions that you would have faced if you found one colleague use a gift that you had gifted another one at some time ?

Has this happened to you ?