My daughter is coming home today. It has been nearly 5 years and 9 months since she left home in 2011 to earn her degree at her university. Today she is a full fledged doctor and more important to a mother’s heart, back home to her mamma.

I remember her as a little toddler holding my hands and walking as we went along country roads, looking at stones, or little plants along the way, singing little songs and talking in the language only she and I spoke.

I remember her after her baby sister came when she thought that I might not like her as much as before and the times I tried to make up to her and to reassure her that I would always be there for her. I have always felt that from the time her sister arrived, she grew up. She helped us a lot with the upbringing of our littler daughter. It was unfair to her but she did it so cheerfully and she really loves her little sister. I often think that since that time she has been a little distant with me. The times we spent together were not the same any more. I was a lot more harangued and tied up. She did her lessons alone. Basically she grew up a lot alone.

But when she reached her teens and we relocated to another country, she came to her own again. It seemed like she had regained confidence once more in herself. In her new school, she shone- she made a lot of new friends. She grew up- my little girl. Till she left us for her college, which was to be her home for over 5 years.

Today she comes back; I am not sure how long she will be with me- for I can’t see where her life will take her.

Little daughter- you will always be my little daughter, even though you try to reassure me that you are all grown up. I wish I could ease the worry lines from your forehead once more as I did for that little girl. I wish you would transfer all your troubles to me and I could deal with them. I wish you would find comfort and faith in our Heavenly father once more. I wish for you all the love in the world- I pray for the love of a good man in your life, one with whom you can knit your life together and have fun and good times together. I wish for you a future with little sorrows and a spirit of love and honor and integrity. I wish for you a smooth road ahead.

Little daughter, I want you to know that as long as I am alive, I will be there for you and you can bring your troubles to me. But more than me, I would like you to rely on our heavenly Father who can carry you through everything.

God bless you and welcome home, little daughter !

22 thoughts on “Homecoming

      1. I wonder that too…that i may not miss home as much once i have a home i own…but somehow i still feel that nothing ever will replace the sense of belonging that home brings 🙂 hugs!

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      2. I love my own home, my mother’s lap and the serenity that was in my grandmother’s home. But to have a home of one’s own gives us a sense of belonging and makes the pain of going away a lot easier to bear.

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  1. How exciting to have your older daughter home again! All three of our children came to live at home for a little while after they had been out on their own. We enjoyed those special times with them. I’ll be praying for your family.

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  2. Oh Susie this is so beautiful and what an awesome prayer for your daughter. You are so right….even though our children become adults they are still our children and we want to shield them from the hard parts of life. It is probably a God thing that we cannot so that they learn for themselves to rely on Him and His goodness. And so as moms…….we pray…..a lot, for our children.
    I hope and pray you have a wonderful time with your daughter. Soak in every minute of it and make some great memories!

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  3. Susie, How lovely…your daughter is coming home. I loved your beautiful words confirming your love and the Heavenly Father’s love. God bless your family, and congratulations to your daughter on achieving her dream. Kathy

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