Feather Florence

Fluff ball had kittens last month. One survived the outdoor life. From our back garden, which has a lot of trees, Fluff ball and little Feather have moved to our front garden. Feather has the classic eyes you see in the sweet kitten photos you see on the internet- the puppy dog eyes that droop downwards, unblinking stare and almost fearless look into your eyes.

My younger daughter named him/her “Feather” and we think she must be about  6 weeks’ old now. IMG_0012

Isn’t she cute ?

We don’t water this part of the garden all that much, in order to not scare Feather and create a fear of water, which she invariably will have.


Her refuge are the weeds that grow in the garden and she seems to have a whole play field to herself. She posed for the photographs we took patiently and curiously eyed these strange two legged creatures who smelt and looked different from her mom but seemed interesting creatures.



A few spring flowers on the other side of the garden from where Feather Florence lives.  Love the spring time.


21 thoughts on “Feather Florence

      1. No they want to adopt and look after the kitten in their own gardens if their parents allow them to. I would like that too as it teaches children kindness and care of animals.
        How are you Faye ?

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      2. My sons always seemed to have a cat to take care of. It was good for them ….. the boys and the cats.
        I am doing good. I overdid it a little the last couple days because the weather was so nice so I am backing off today as I don’t want to slow the healing down. It is definitely teaching me patience….which I am not too good at!
        And how are you doing?

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