I am traveling to my home country, though not my home state, for some personal work today. It is funny that I can write that I have a home state apart from my home country.

I am going to go to the university i studied in to get a few of my certificates attested, rather authenticated, so they can be forwarded to the university I am applying for further education.

I hope I can get it done in the four days I will be away from home.

I am thinking of how Joseph took Mary to Bethlehem to his home state to get them “authenticated” in the royal city. We never got to hear whether Joseph did in fact, complete the census procedures or did he move to Egypt without having the census done for his family of three.

It seems in life human beings want everything to be authenticated/verified except perhaps gossip. Authentication is like a stamp on something or somebody that verifies that it is or he is what it /he says is.

Tuesday- had to share : Resentment

It seems all I have been doing over the past three days is harboring resentment. It wasn’t so much that I lost sleep over it but it was festering inside of me, slowly and constantly, until I felt I needed to go and talk it over with the person(s) who were the causes( in my mind).

Just as I was about to do so, I saw a Guideposts post by Elizabeth Peale Allen which talked about this very topic. I am so thankful I saw this before I did anything.

The first point she makes about how to handle resentment is :

  1. When you are hurt, allow yourself to be hurt. Say it aloud, talk to yourself or write something that brings it out. “I was getting irritated by a coworker who has a habit of popping into my room and talking non stop for many minutes not bothered about whether I was doing something or not. Last week in fact as she ” passed by” she asked me whether at the Staff meeting, someone else had indirectly brought it up that she had just ” arrived” at office ( at 11 am). I had to confess yes as I was there and the other coworker who brought it up did it while I was there. She ranted and raged at me that I hadn’t told her that this happened and she had to hear it from someone from another section of our unit. Even though I was not one of the wronged parties, it bothered me that this coworker was venting her rage on me, instead of talking it over with the “sneaking” colleague. I told her so in fact. Psalm 73:26 says : My flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. The fourth point Elizabeth Allen made was to ” Extend peace to the other person”. I was doing just this and praying for her, with great difficulty, yesterday when she happened to pop in to my office and stayed for a very long time and we had a talk in which we shared our mutual feelings and parted in peace. So resentment 1 resolved.
  2. This morning I woke up again with that slow, low level resentment feeling again, this time to another coworker( who works in the other section of our department), who had a way of talking nastily and a tad with hidden meaning( to my mind). Again I was thinking this morning of confronting her and then planning my confrontation as we humans are so apt to do, when the thought struck me that I am a child of God and would Jesus behave this way. There were James and John, disciples of Jesus who wanted to call fire from heaven and destroy a village that did not receive Jesus hospitably. ( Luke 9: 54). Jesus turned and rebuked them. I thought about how I was exactly like the disciples and wanting ” fire” ( not literally) to come down and harm that coworker. How horrible of me ! I was reminded again of how to handle resentment and what Elizabeth Allen mentioned– Extend peace to the other person.Pray Psalm 29:11 over the other person but in reverse. The verse says : The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. Instead Elizabeth advises us to pray with a ” twist”- Lord give strength to this person who hurt me , Lord bless this person with peace.  Difficult but did it. Did it all the way while I drove to work this morning. As I was parking the car, I assessed myself- resentment index a little down. Riding in the elevator to my room, I could manage a smile at the person who travelled up with me and even start up a conversation- better and better. Then into my room, where I started my work and continued with the prayer. This led me to point 2 of what Elizabeth Allen advised- ” Take a brisk walk”. ” Anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. We can frequently step out of that darkness with a bit of vigorous exercise. If you can pray while you walk, even better”, she advises. So I decided to walk around the corridor and try to add to my daily 10 K- my steps led me ( don’t ask me how to that coworkers’ office corridor, where I chatted for a few seconds with her supervisor who told me she was in the office. I looked over but found the door closed. The supervisor told me to knock as she must be inside. I did( don’t ask me why I did it- I think I was led to do it). After a few timid knocks, no one opened the door, so I started walking away. And then the door opened. The coworker came out, hair disheveled and looking dazed. I told her ( again, don’t ask me why), I was led to pray for you today- I didn’t mention the circumstances, of course, but I told her I had been praying for her while driving to work. Unbelievably, she came over and gave me a hug- her eyes poured out tears and she started weeping. I returned her hug too and then told her- I was led to pray for you and whatever it is, remember God is with you. She said thanks and I went off sensing she didn’t want to talk about whatever what in her mind. But think of it – I wanted confrontation and settlement and revenge and open discourse and God wanted me to pray for her and let her know that she was being cared for. Don’t we have a marvelous God ?

Mystery Blogger’s Award

Teresa of Teresa Creations nominated me for this award. Thank you Teresa .

Here are the rules:

  1. Post the award/ image on your blog (see above)
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This award was created by Okoto Enigma and you can find her blog HERE.

The mystery bloggers award

My questions were :

  1. If you could change one thing about our country, what would it be and why?

The movies. The movies that depict violence, rape, teasing of women, degrading of women, and the contradiction with the daily life where women are worshipped and seemingly taken care of. The two facedness bothers me.  Even though movies need to be real, there needs to be elements of positivity too. It bothers me that children and youngsters or even older people might get affected by these movies and try to emulate their heroes or anti heroes, in real life.  I wish my people could learn to draw a line between reality and make- believe.

2. Which super hero powers would you like to have, if given a chance? Why ?

I think it would be Super Woman and the ability to be there and help people in trouble especially those who are being victimized, bullied or abused in any form. If there was ragging in a college, I would like to be there and help stop it. If there was animal abuse, I would like to be there. If there is emotional or verbal abuse in relationships, I would like to be there.

3. What motivates you to blog (write)  ?

Nothing really. It just happens. It is totally impulsive and on the spur of the moment. I wish I knew what motivated me.

4. What is something you like to collect, if anything?

I would like to collect in my memory great thoughts and poems, writings of great people to recapitulate when I wished and follow when I liked.

5. If given the chance to rename any fast food restaurant, which would it be? What new name would you rename to?

Kentucky Fried Chicken- Killer Fried Chicken, maybe. I am not sure of this one.


  1. Melinda from purpleslobinrecovery

2 Deborah Bowman


via Daily Prompt: Farce

When I think of farce, I think of two facedness. One for oneself and one for others. The harm in this is that sometimes with time, the outward face, the pleasing face is what we become even internally until we forget who the real we are.

I worked in a hostile work environment for a few years. If I had to survive I needed to behave a certain way, talk a certain way or not talk another way. Mingle with people who the “group” wants you to mingle with and not move with those who are perceived “different”. For a time I lived a life of farce( everyday hating myself for who I had become or who I had turned into.) I  truly understood the meaning of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde concept then. Each human being can become another if he wants.

Call it part of our survival mechanism- Darwin and Alfred Wallace would have been happy. If we need to survive, sometimes we have to live a farcical life.

The minute we turn into somebody we are not, all sorts of psychosomatic ailments start plaguing us. Some of us have difficulty falling asleep, some have difficulty going to work or hating  the new day. It can manifest as high blood pressure or even as eczema.

Let your inner self out- don’t shackle your inner being. Let people see and appreciate you for who you are not for what they want to see.

Vision for what remains of May

I was listening to a youtube video by Jacqueline, where she says everyone should have a blueprint for their lives. A vision statement.

I am thinking what about putting down what I think might be my vision for the rest of May ?

  1. To write at least 5 more blog posts before the month is done.
  2. To not use words in vain- either spoken or written, more so, my spoken word.
  3. To eat less. To get rid of my sugar addiction.
  4. To sleep more.
  5. To cast my cares upon the Lord and believe that they are with him and he will work on them.