The last few days have seen me in many workshops. The time of the year is quite lax in terms of work ; so the university has decided to give its staff some perks in terms of getting them to attend courses on Leadership techniques, Conflict Resolution, Cross Cultural issues and so on. I must confess I have never been to any of them before this.

This year my friend from the neighboring university called and asked me to register for the courses she was registered in. Seems like she has attended them every year. So I did though not particularly interested. I registered for the very same courses she had put her name in. And I was selected.

I have not regretted the decision. I went there not even knowing which course I was registered for or why I was there other than that May had asked me to register but it was well worth my time. I found out a lot about my style of conflict management which seemingly is engagement. IF there is a conflict, I choose to use emotions and work towards solving the task at hand not caring if relationships might be affected en route.

The other styles are the accommodative one ( May), where the relationships are valued more than the task and the people with this style choose to accept whatever the other party tells them is the way. They suppress their emotions for their style is to be accommodative and peaceful.

The other two categories are the extremes- one the Discussion type, which prefers to be totally objective about a situation and does not bring an ounce of emotion into the conflict but their focus is  on getting the task done and the other is the high emotional one, where emotions are primary and the task is totally secondary. It seems culture has a lot of hand in which conflict management style one would prefer to use.

I got to know a lot of people from my own university and from other universities. In other situations, it would probably had not been so friendly and open but since this was like a work day out, every one had let their hair down and there did not seem too many inhibitions around.

They were great days. Next week is office shutting day. More on that next week.