via Daily Prompt: Maze

Neighbor kids are playing in my younger daughter’s room right now. They are playing with her long discarded toys because of course she is not here. They have thrown the toys all over the place and made a maze out of the building blocks- how will I find my way to the ironing table through this maze mess ?


The elder daughter ( 23 years) is playing ‘saloons” with them. This is a game of dress up and play acting. Some of them are the saloon ladies and some of them including my daughter is a customer. According to the rules, children are not allowed into the saloon. My daughter asked, why have you given me twin babies then ?

The saloon ladies said, we allow babies. So the problem and the solution was provided by the saloon ladies themselves. A maze was created and then a way through it provided.

I would say the same with our life problems- there are problems in all our lives. Sometimes it may seem like a maze but if we look carefully enough, there will be a path through the maze- often times misty and curvy but a path nevertheless. If we follow the path boldly, there is a path through every life maze.