via Daily Prompt: Farce

When I think of farce, I think of two facedness. One for oneself and one for others. The harm in this is that sometimes with time, the outward face, the pleasing face is what we become even internally until we forget who the real we are.

I worked in a hostile work environment for a few years. If I had to survive I needed to behave a certain way, talk a certain way or not talk another way. Mingle with people who the “group” wants you to mingle with and not move with those who are perceived “different”. For a time I lived a life of farce( everyday hating myself for who I had become or who I had turned into.) I  truly understood the meaning of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde concept then. Each human being can become another if he wants.

Call it part of our survival mechanism- Darwin and Alfred Wallace would have been happy. If we need to survive, sometimes we have to live a farcical life.

The minute we turn into somebody we are not, all sorts of psychosomatic ailments start plaguing us. Some of us have difficulty falling asleep, some have difficulty going to work or hating  the new day. It can manifest as high blood pressure or even as eczema.

Let your inner self out- don’t shackle your inner being. Let people see and appreciate you for who you are not for what they want to see.

6 thoughts on “Farce

  1. itsacrazycatladything says:

    I can relate to this having left a toxic working environment which was sucking the life out of me. My stress levels were through the roof because I just did not want to be there any longer. I’m much happier being me and loving life. There’s no doubt ignoring our inner self leads to an imbalance in mind, body, heart & spirit. The good thing about menopause is that, we have less tolerance for anything farcical. Enjoyed this a lot, thanks for posting

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