I am traveling to my home country, though not my home state, for some personal work today. It is funny that I can write that I have a home state apart from my home country.

I am going to go to the university i studied in to get a few of my certificates attested, rather authenticated, so they can be forwarded to the university I am applying for further education.

I hope I can get it done in the four days I will be away from home.

I am thinking of how Joseph took Mary to Bethlehem to his home state to get them “authenticated” in the royal city. We never got to hear whether Joseph did in fact, complete the census procedures or did he move to Egypt without having the census done for his family of three.

It seems in life human beings want everything to be authenticated/verified except perhaps gossip. Authentication is like a stamp on something or somebody that verifies that it is or he is what it /he says is.