Today I have had good news. My husband has his Fellowship Diploma in hand today. The months of tears and hard work have finally paid off.

Time took a hard toll on him and his health. In between we had the scare of my mother’s double illness.

There were times when I thought and he thought he was going to give up and come home.

It is a great achievement for someone at 55, and whose last formal education ended in 19999 at 37 years of age. The Fellowship was not really a dream for him, I guess, not if one had heard him over the past months but I think it was  a dream plan put in his heart by God – he just took the opportunity.

Lessons learnt:

  1. It is never too late to start on something new, to explore a new avenue and see what life brings if you choose to deviate from set tracks.
  2. Life or should I say, forces try to push you away from the path-that happens all the time, when you are on a straight and narrow track, especially one that has not been so well explored.
  3. Prayer, especially prayer from a lot of people play a great role in nudging you to that path, even if you might want to go back to the safety of your starting point.
  4. God is the driver of the vehicle, you are just a passenger. All you need to do is sit, and be still on that vehicle. The driver will drive you to your destination, safe and sound.
  5. The path you took can be a beacon of light for others after you. You might be a role model for others. My daughters’ classmates look up to my husband for his courage in taking this plunge so supposedly “late” in his life.

Now I am waiting for him to come back and join us home on Saturday.