The car I use, a Toyota Camry, has a six year birthday coming up. This last week, my husband decided to drive it to work as he felt I needed a bigger( safer) car to drive me to work. My work place is farther away from our home than his.

He soon found out that driving a Camry after driving an SUV is not much fun. For one, it is a much smaller car in terms of height. A tall person will realize this soon after he changes cars . Second one feels very unsafe in a sedan. Even though the car gives you up to 120 km/hour of speed, if need be, it would be entirely at your own risk that you would be driving at that speed. It is good for a leisurely drive, very sedate and calming but not when one has a couple of honkers and tail lighters behind you, trying to make you speed against your wishes.

A few rides later, he discovered that the AC of the car doesn’t work as it should. He wondered aloud how I had been driving around with that degree of cooling or non-cooling that it provided. He doesn’t know half the things I have gone through with the Camry and not mentioned to him- these would be the unmentionables. Better they discover it themselves.

Two days later, he asked  me about a red battery indicator showing on the dashboard of the Camry. I said it had been showing up since March and that it had been mentioned to him at that time. That night, he drove the car to the service station to get the battery looked into. A kilometer away from our home and about three kilometers away from the station, the car coughed, spluttered and gave up running. It seemed the long drive to the station was beyond it. It didn’t help that the temperature outside was in the 40s ( degree Centigrade).

Luckily for him I was driving behind the Camry in his Murano and so could give him a ride to the service station to get a mechanic and drive them to the location of the Camry. The Mechanic, temporarily managed to hook a new dynamo to the car engine and they drove the car to the service station, where it has been in residence for the past three days.

The service station gave hubby an ancient Toyota Prado to drive until the Camry could be repaired.

The car story didn’t end there. I was still driving the Murano to work. Yesterday after work I went to the underground parking lot of our university, to drive the car home. The door opened with the automatic key and I sat in the driving seat, turning the ignition on. Apart from a few splutters, the car didn’t start. Again a lot of red battery indicators started showing up on its dashboard. By now I was an expert in this.

I locked the car up, went back to my office and called hubby up. My phone doesn’t work in emergency situations, so I needed to call hubby from the landline office phone. I told him the battery of the Murano had given up and I didn’t know how to get the car out. He told me to get a cab and come home.

The university is in an out of the city place; everyone has his own car, there are no cabs to be had for rhyme or reason. I went back to the parking lot and found a young man called Warren there. He was driving his car out. I stopped him and asked him to look at the battery of my car. Helpful as he was, he stepped out, opened the engine of the Murano, poured some cold water on the battery ,opened a few covers here and there and bringing his car close to the Murano, recharged its battery.

Soon the Murano was alive and making all the correct noises. I could drive home, if I didn’t stop anywhere on the way. This I did and reached home, uneventfully.

Today I am back driving the Camry, which has since been repaired and the Murano is safe with my husband. The old borrowed Prado, languishes in the car shed, waiting for the repair shop man to come and get it.

True Nobility- Edgar A. Guest

Who does his task from day to day

And meets whatever comes his way,

Believing God has willed it so,

Has found real greatness here below.

Who guards his post, no matter where

Believing God must need him there,

Although but lowly toil it be ,

Has risen to nobility.

For great and low there’s but one test:

“Tis that each man shall do his best.

Who works with all the strength he can

Shall never die in debt to man.


I work in a university as an administrator though I am a trained physician. I have my days when I am saddened by thoughts that I should be elsewhere, doing something else. My classmates are all in good positions around the world. I must be the only research administrator doctor. Those are days of my own inner pity party. When my mother was sick and needed me, I went to be with her, even telling my university to terminate me, if required, as I had no leave of any sort. They refused to terminate me. I came back many weeks later and my job was held for me. I am now working at my desk again and earning money. From this poem, which seems to speak to me today, I need to guard this post, God has given me, believing God needs me here, and though lowly it may be, I will rise to nobility should I do my best and work with all my strength and I will die a happy contented soul, not in debt to man but having run the good race with faithfulness, I can meet my creator.


Have you ever wondered why miracles don’t happen to you ? I have – I mean the old Testament type of miracles. Like when Elisha was teaching his students and an axe fell into the river Jordan. The student shared his sorrow of his loss with his teacher, Elisha. Elisha put a twig into the river and got out the lost axe for the student. Or like where the widow was given a continuous supply of oil and grain during a famine.

Do you feel those times are over ?

I have had miracles happen in my life- things unexplained and that I know only God could have done.

I feel miracles happen still and everyday. We need to see and know they are happening, with the innocence of children and with the eyes of a person seeing a new creation each day.

For example, yesterday during our staff meeting, our supervisor Cyn told us that the three of us had been recommended for promotion. I haven’t asked for a promotion. It seems she wrote letters of recommendations for us and the request has been approved from the Dean’s office and has been forwarded to the main university campus for further processing.

Another example, I reached office yesterday and realized, I didn’t have my purse with me. I had transferred my money and card purse to a smaller handbag last evening, when I went to the shops and I had forgotten to put it back in my bigger handbag in the morning. So I drove to work without my purse, no money, no cards, no identity card, no driver’s license, nothing. For all purposes I had nothing. When it came lunch time, I looked in my big handbag for some money and could find a 5 # note – only. I dug in again and my hand felt a 100 # note- who had kept it there ? I had no recollection of this. So I could get lunch.:) And the drives back and forth from work was uneventful, so there was no need for me to show my identification or driver’s license anywhere. Miracle ? Sure.

I read about miracles today on and they say that one needs to not worry about outcomes and just take life as it comes. Then the miracles of our life will be visible to us. Most of us, me included try to shape our own destiny by charting a plan for our lives and then asking God to lead us on those paths. God might have different plans for us. What say, we just take a day at a time and look and see what we can find ? Allow ourselves to be surprised and maybe there you can find miracles, where perhaps earlier, you wouldn’t have found any.