Life like a plum cake

Today I want to share a passage from a book I just finished reading, a book so old that it is a 1912 edition. It is titled ‘ The old Fashioned girl” by Louisa May Alcott. The context is a small sermon given by the heroine Polly to her friends, Tom, Fanny and Maud.


” Life, my brethren, is like plum cake.

In some the plums are all on the top, and we eat them gayly, till we suddenly find they are gone. In others the plums sink to the bottom, and we look for them in vain as we go on, and often come to them when it is too late to enjoy them. But in the well-made cake, the plums are wisely scattered all through, and every mouthful is a pleasure. We make our own cakes, in a great measure, therefore let us look to it, my brethren, that they are mixed according to the best ┬áreceipt, baked in a well-regulated oven, and gratefully eaten with a temperate appetite”.

OF GirlAn old fashioned girl.jpg