Getting irritated when called ” fat”

I recently had a situation where someone in my family  took a look at my plate( in which I had served rice and curry for lunch), and said, ” So little rice- is that what you eat usually ? Surprising how you are fat with this amount of food.”

Have you ever faced a situation where a personal comment was made about your appearance ? To your face ?

It is happening with me quite frequently these days, especially after I let myself go after a few stressful situations in my life. I am on a ” don’t care” plateau now.

But the point is – would you make a comment like this about any one ? Their hair going grey, their teeth falling off, their weight gain, or their hair loss ? Or additional wrinkles on their faces or any thing else?

This person had made a similar comment about my weight gain many times in the past. I usually smiled it away. This time, I lost my cool. It makes me feel good that I responded in  an as yet unfamiliar way . I said,” I like being fat. Who makes these rules that everyone has to be thin to look good ? ”

The look on her face was a sight to behold.