A birthday party


Yesterday was Pepper’s 1st birthday. We were all invited. My elder daughter dog-sat her a few times, so she was going anyway. The younger daughter and me we accompanied her to the party.

Pepper had a little party frock, all in pink. She tripped over the dress a few times but generally survived.


Pepper’s cake
Pepper in her birthday frock
Mr. Bob, Pepper’s friend, invited to the party
Birthday treats for humans
A birthday card for Pepper- with Pepper, sister Elsie and brother Max represented
The decorations 
Pepper with other friends, Samba, Bobo

With Samba, Bobo, Mr. Bob, Jackson, Suhana and her own two siblings Elsie and Max, there were nine dogs.

Two pair of human twins, one 18 month old girls and the other 7 year old boys made up the children invited to the party.

My own two girls, were the other children but categorized as adults per their age.

Cyn with Jackson and Mr. Bob’s owner; Samba, Suhana and Bobo were the very active people and dogs around.

There were no dog fights . Only one human ate a dog treat, which she declared incredibly tasty and lived to tell the tale. Cat, the hostess thought she had bitten off more than she could chew when she saw her beautiful, well maintained house being reduced to shambles in a matter of minutes. Kids, dogs, human kids, all ran amuck.

A good time was had by all. It was a great day and we all needed it. Being all dog lovers, all of us were our natural selves, there was no artificiality and people who hadn’t met before bonded over dogs and the snacks.

It takes animals to bring out the better side of humans. Thank you, Pepper; wish you a very happy year ahead.