About my dreams

The more I think about them, they are my ambitions rather than my dreams. My dream would be that I see myself being famous( used to, that is)- my name appears on books, publications, journal articles etc..,. But the one unfulfilled ambition that I have is to study for my Master’s degree in public health in a reputed ( read, Ivy League university) in the US. I nearly made it there, once in 2013 but didn’t quite get there. The flames of ambition have died down( a bit) but deep down I think they still lurk. Ever since my world turned upside down in June this year, I have tried to put thoughts about my studies back far away into the back horizon. I finally concluded that I would pursue the ambition in God’s time only and would not get frustrated over the time taken to reach there.

Last night, on a phone call from my husband’s home institution, the director told hubby that they were opening a new public health institute there and they wanted people with MPH degrees there. When hubby came to talk to me, he was all enthused. He wanted me to go ahead with my applications for the 2018 course. Who knew ? I was just waiting for a sign. I was determined to not apply to keep myself from disappointment.

I am now waiting to see how things unfold.

Crochet projects 2017

The holidays are here and I thought it was a long time since I had done anything remotely crochet. I was going to crochet something.

Girlybunches had just this morning posted her new video on how to crochet the virus shawl as she called it. It looked lovely, from what I could see of it.

So I started crocheting with her watching her on youtube. As usual, I didn’t have enough yarn of one colour, so decided to use as many colours as I could and use up those bits of yarn and those bundles for which I could never find good use for.

A few rows later, I came to find out that Olivia from Girlybunches had only posted the patter for the first 11 or so rows. And she had posted a link to the written pattern which looked like a complicated mathematical design to me.

A net search told me that Joana Martinez had also a pattern for the virus shawl and so I went there and it was a lot clearer there.

So here I am crocheting my shawl, which I hope will add to my collection of warm clothes to protect me against the cold air of the Air Con in my office and also for me take on my trip to Boston next month.IMG_2993.JPGIMG_2995.JPG

Do you like it ? For those of you interested in crochet, it seems to be an easy and beautiful project to do.

Movie travels

I am not a movie person. I do not usually have the patience to watch something and hold my attention for more than an hour.

A recent 16 hour trip proved me wrong. Even a confirmed, dyed in the black non- movies buff can be reformed.

The trip found me sitting alone in 5-star comfort with literally nothing to disturb me. Interruptions by flight attendants didn’t count. I couldn’t sleep like everyone else seemed to be doing. The idle mind is the devil’s workshop and so it was.

Getting the remote and the ear phones was a matter of a couple of minutes. Getting the video figured out another two. In about 5 minutes flat, feet up and body in reclining position, I settled myself to watch a seemingly interesting titled movie.

” The Secret Scripture” starring Vanessa Redgrave- a very touching story of a woman in an asylum for about 40 years, imprisoned for no fault of hers that I could understand. It made me feel that times have changed so much or that war time makes people think differently. Incarcerating a live, young woman and confining her to a cell just because she was friendly with the “enemy’.  Of course, her story needed to be told, people came to rescue her and she showed them her story, written between the lines of her Bible and hence – ” the Secret Scripture”.

The second one I watched was called ” Snatched” starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. This movie, I watched twice- it was so funny. I laughed out loud a few times during the movie. Only my husband heard me- he thought I was crying. The dialogues were hilarious. The story is about a daughter and her mother who traveled to Ecuador and their adventures. I can’t describe the story to you without laughing. This is a must watch movie.( I watched it twice- during the same trip).

The next was one with Russell Crowe where he inherited a wine orchard in France and went to live there and how his entire perspective changed after living there. From a banker, he became a learned member of the wine tasters and owner of elite wines. in the process, slowing his life.

Oh, and there was another movie called ” Love, Honor and Courage” enacted by James Denton and Natalie Brown- another movie with an old world charm. Denton’s character is commissioned to reform and help sustain his old military school in an era where military school discipline has gone out of fashion. Natalie Brown plays the character of the principal of the Military school. Together they turn the school and the attitudes of the parents around.

When I remember the names of the other two movies I watched, I will add to this post- as  at this time, I have forgotten what the others were.

Locked out

I went out the kitchen door this morning to look at my seedlings. I have some seedlings planted in small pots on my window sill and they need a water before the hot sun strikes them. So I watered the little seedlings and went to the door, intending to get in and watch my favorite TV show.

Little did I know that that was not to be. A broken off door of my kitchen cupboard stands in the corner between the kitchen door and the cupboard. It took upon itself to slip and adhere itself to the kitchen door so the door was jarred. I could open it only as much as to let a cat in or out. So I was locked out !!

It is not a good thing to be locked out at 10 to 6 a.m, with only the stray cats for company. I tried every means I knew to get in. The front door- was locked from inside.

The bell – rung and rung again- but no one responded because my daughters were in their room with the door closed tight shut and the AC on. My husband too.

I tried all the windows on the ground floor- no go.

I decided to sit on the kitchen door step and take my time. Perhaps God wanted me to take time off, taking some time to get my daily steps instead of lying down in front of the TV. The stray cats surrounded me and in their own way asked me what happened. I told them I couldn’t get into the house. All of them sat down by my feet, as though they understood. So I spent an hour on the door step waiting for my husband to come to get his morning cuppa. He didn’t – today being Saturday. So I tried the bell again and banged the front door too. This time he heard and came down.

The front door was opened and I explained what happened. I had to sit down to recover from my locked out adventure. My husband sat down with me. Using the opportunity, I asked him to prepare breakfast and he did !!

So being locked out has its advantages too- sit and look around at things we don’t usually mind and then when we get in, we may be able to make others do things for us.

Letter To My Grandkids

A lovely post from ” The Chicken Grandma”- from a grandmother to her grandchildren

The Chicken Grandma


This week my husband and I had a wonderful week.  We celebrated our anniversary (see previous post) and also celebrated the birth of a new grandson. It was a great anniversary gift!

Normally my husband would be in the field at this time of year combining and hauling soybeans to town. Due to the the very rainy weather, we were able to take off a couple days and go meet the newest member of the family.

It is an amazing fact that a new baby can literally hold your heart in their tiny hand. I am not sure how that works…..I just know it is true.

As I worked on mudding and taping in my closet (also see previous post) I had time to think about that little boy. My mind also wandered to our other two grandkids in another city. There are so many hopes, dreams and prayers wrapped…

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