Locked out

I went out the kitchen door this morning to look at my seedlings. I have some seedlings planted in small pots on my window sill and they need a water before the hot sun strikes them. So I watered the little seedlings and went to the door, intending to get in and watch my favorite TV show.

Little did I know that that was not to be. A broken off door of my kitchen cupboard stands in the corner between the kitchen door and the cupboard. It took upon itself to slip and adhere itself to the kitchen door so the door was jarred. I could open it only as much as to let a cat in or out. So I was locked out !!

It is not a good thing to be locked out at 10 to 6 a.m, with only the stray cats for company. I tried every means I knew to get in. The front door- was locked from inside.

The bell – rung and rung again- but no one responded because my daughters were in their room with the door closed tight shut and the AC on. My husband too.

I tried all the windows on the ground floor- no go.

I decided to sit on the kitchen door step and take my time. Perhaps God wanted me to take time off, taking some time to get my daily steps instead of lying down in front of the TV. The stray cats surrounded me and in their own way asked me what happened. I told them I couldn’t get into the house. All of them sat down by my feet, as though they understood. So I spent an hour on the door step waiting for my husband to come to get his morning cuppa. He didn’t – today being Saturday. So I tried the bell again and banged the front door too. This time he heard and came down.

The front door was opened and I explained what happened. I had to sit down to recover from my locked out adventure. My husband sat down with me. Using the opportunity, I asked him to prepare breakfast and he did !!

So being locked out has its advantages too- sit and look around at things we don’t usually mind and then when we get in, we may be able to make others do things for us.

25 thoughts on “Locked out

    1. My children manage to lock themselves out of the house by not taking the house key with them when they go out and no one being at home to open the door when they return. They invariably find their way in- through a kitchen or dining room window.

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  1. Susie … I shouldn’t be smiling … I know I shouldn’t be smiling … but I am.
    I love that you had a chat with the cats, and I adore that your Hero came (eventually) and rescued you from your lonely (except for the cats) place on the step.

    And … I love that he made you breakfast too. Bless him.
    I hope you’ve recovered from your lock-out.
    Sending squidges ~Cobs. x

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      1. bethanyk says:

        I am still recovering over a month later from the 5 grand mal seizures. My memory is touch and go. Good days and bad days. Weird memories i forgot and then remember and some a total blank.
        Currently dealing with some other health issues that are exacerbating it.
        But otherwise good!
        Have taken some fabulous sky pictures! In the last few days and butterflies and dragon flies and flowers.
        So I’m ok!
        Thank you for asking!
        I’m so sorry you got locked out!
        I’m glad you made the best of it

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      2. Being locked out is good in a way that makes you appreciate what you have in hand and then when you get in again, you appreciate the inside even more. Glad you are ok. I think nature is the only thing that is almost constant and having healing power and if you look at it that way, a true friend.

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