Movie travels

I am not a movie person. I do not usually have the patience to watch something and hold my attention for more than an hour.

A recent 16 hour trip proved me wrong. Even a confirmed, dyed in the black non- movies buff can be reformed.

The trip found me sitting alone in 5-star comfort with literally nothing to disturb me. Interruptions by flight attendants didn’t count. I couldn’t sleep like everyone else seemed to be doing. The idle mind is the devil’s workshop and so it was.

Getting the remote and the ear phones was a matter of a couple of minutes. Getting the video figured out another two. In about 5 minutes flat, feet up and body in reclining position, I settled myself to watch a seemingly interesting titled movie.

” The Secret Scripture” starring Vanessa Redgrave- a very touching story of a woman in an asylum for about 40 years, imprisoned for no fault of hers that I could understand. It made me feel that times have changed so much or that war time makes people think differently. Incarcerating a live, young woman and confining her to a cell just because she was friendly with the “enemy’.  Of course, her story needed to be told, people came to rescue her and she showed them her story, written between the lines of her Bible and hence – ” the Secret Scripture”.

The second one I watched was called ” Snatched” starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. This movie, I watched twice- it was so funny. I laughed out loud a few times during the movie. Only my husband heard me- he thought I was crying. The dialogues were hilarious. The story is about a daughter and her mother who traveled to Ecuador and their adventures. I can’t describe the story to you without laughing. This is a must watch movie.( I watched it twice- during the same trip).

The next was one with Russell Crowe where he inherited a wine orchard in France and went to live there and how his entire perspective changed after living there. From a banker, he became a learned member of the wine tasters and owner of elite wines. in the process, slowing his life.

Oh, and there was another movie called ” Love, Honor and Courage” enacted by James Denton and Natalie Brown- another movie with an old world charm. Denton’s character is commissioned to reform and help sustain his old military school in an era where military school discipline has gone out of fashion. Natalie Brown plays the character of the principal of the Military school. Together they turn the school and the attitudes of the parents around.

When I remember the names of the other two movies I watched, I will add to this post- as  at this time, I have forgotten what the others were.