About my dreams

The more I think about them, they are my ambitions rather than my dreams. My dream would be that I see myself being famous( used to, that is)- my name appears on books, publications, journal articles etc..,. But the one unfulfilled ambition that I have is to study for my Master’s degree in public health in a reputed ( read, Ivy League university) in the US. I nearly made it there, once in 2013 but didn’t quite get there. The flames of ambition have died down( a bit) but deep down I think they still lurk. Ever since my world turned upside down in June this year, I have tried to put thoughts about my studies back far away into the back horizon. I finally concluded that I would pursue the ambition in God’s time only and would not get frustrated over the time taken to reach there.

Last night, on a phone call from my husband’s home institution, the director told hubby that they were opening a new public health institute there and they wanted people with MPH degrees there. When hubby came to talk to me, he was all enthused. He wanted me to go ahead with my applications for the 2018 course. Who knew ? I was just waiting for a sign. I was determined to not apply to keep myself from disappointment.

I am now waiting to see how things unfold.

6 thoughts on “About my dreams

  1. Praying for you to be given either a sign or whatever it is which is needed to show you the way to where you should be Susie.

    It might not be given to you as a sign, but a feeling, or simply a nudge. Look out for the encouraging sign/feeling/nudge – or whatever it is which you will see/feel/hear/read. And when you receive it, don’t second guess it or keep questioning it. If it’s right, it will be right and you’ll feel it.
    Sending love, and vibes of positivity ~ Cobs. x

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