It is good to be receiving

We are invited to a dinner tonight. It is a family of my husband's colleagues who are hosting the dinner. After the Christmas season, trying to find out what everyone wanted and trying to place orders so things arrived on time( including for the cat), it is nice to be invited out. I can relax …

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On November 30, I wrote the GRE exam. The scores of this exam were necessary for my application to the MPH program. One of the sections for this exam was Verbal Reasoning. A couple of passages are given to the candidate and questions asked on the purpose of the passage, synonyms, antonyms, and a lot …

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Nominations, endorsements and dilemmas

There is a colleague who is not very popular with us. I have written about her previously. A few reprimands and warnings from our supervisor and a lot of counseling from different sources and this year, she seems so much better. Last year, I used to spend sleepless nights over her and her attitude and …

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