It is good to be receiving

We are invited to a dinner tonight. It is a family of my husband’s colleagues who are hosting the dinner.

After the Christmas season, trying to find out what everyone wanted and trying to place orders so things arrived on time( including for the cat), it is nice to be invited out. I can relax and be the receiver. As I write this post, I feel I must be selfish to even feel this way.

Giving is supposed to be selfless and make one happy and it does make me happy but sometimes one gets tired of it as I am now.

How different I am from our God who gives and gives and I take and take and take and am eternally dissatisfied.

A few days back we hosted a Secret Santa party at our home for the neighborhood children. After the party, we gave them return gifts. Many of the children returned the gifts on the spot and said, they didn’t want them and they wanted other gifts. Some of the children took the gifts outside and opened the wrappers and the next day we found the gifts on our verandah.( we took them back in and are using them now). Are we like that too in the heavenly realm of things ?

My prayers are mostly asking things from God- give me this and give me that. When I get something, my answer is usually- I didn’t ask for this- I wanted something else.

Today I think I will enjoy the party, even though the night will be cold and the roads crowded. For I will not be the hostess today.