#JusJoJan 2018- January 22- LIBERTY


As reply to this prompt, from Just Jot It January by Linda G Hill.

The first thought was visions of what might have happened during the French Revolution and the fight of the French for Liberte, Egalite, and Fraternite. The novel

” A tale of two cities” gives quite a graphic account of this fight and I can see Madame Lefarge knitting away and watching the city of Paris burning. Do I believe in Liberty?

Of course, I do but perhaps not of the type that is obtained by the curtailing of another person’s liberty. America is considered the land of Liberty and the land of the Free. The Pilgrims first came there, to be able to practice their religion and establish a land with the liberty to do their own thing. To a large extent, it is still a land where one can do one’s own thing and where one has the liberty to become quite successful at doing one’s own thing.

The Statue of Liberty at the confluence of the river and the huge seas again raises up pictures of the symbolism of liberty it brought to migrating people from all over the world. Many of those people worked hard to make America the land it is now and brought with them cultures and traditions from their native lands. They came to America, maybe to escape persecution or to get a better future for themselves. They took great risks for liberty. Many of them gave up their old lives, for the sake of liberty. Does liberty mean changing oneself so completely that one is un-identifiable from one’s old self ?

These thoughts lead me to the words of Jesus and what he means to us. Doesn’t he preach liberty of a sort ? Belief in him and following his teachings in our lives should be liberating in that we should not be care worn any more. Liberty to me, is being free of care too. If someone else was willingly offering to carry our loads, be it a new country or a human or God himself, wouldn’t all of us aspire to reach there ?

I think Liberty is a goal every human being strives to reach. He may not see it as such or call it thus but I call the human life itself a reach for higher things, for Liberty.

What do you think ?

The rules for the prompt can be found here.

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