Why does it happen ..

That when I connect with someone new on social media platform, the person   starts sending me  posts or videos they did not create ? No one asks me if I want to be sent those posts.

I am usually not a Whatsapp or Viber person but recently I connected with a classmate of mine through Whatsapp. The second day I started receiving videos. I want to talk to that person or read what she writes and not watch some video that has been shared a 100,000 times or liked double that number ?

And again, it has happened to me that information about what I am up to is sent to others on the platform without my permission.

Has this happened to you ?

21 thoughts on “Why does it happen ..

  1. Videos yes but my data send around not,or at least that I’m aware of.That it would infuriated me.I had to block a couple of people from my accounts anyway.An other thing I hate is when a what’s up group is created for a specific purpose and they start exchange private comments and message in there.Text each other privately people and text me only if you have something to say,right?Did I get up the bed with the wrong foot may be?have a nice day dear.

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    1. Exactly Ortensia. Things like where I am working now, what my post is, what my children are doing are all a total no- no for sharing according to me. We share these things in good faith.
      And about private personal comments on a group created for some specific purpose, I can’t even begin to think how to react. Thats what private chats are for.

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  2. Anything before MySpace and or AOL was good. Everything after that, went to heck. Seems like no one communicates anymore. They mindlessly click a link to something they think we like, or they forward dumb emails, links, which some contain malicious content. It seems, the more technology progresses, the more we regress. We are down to just sending images now, where will it end.

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    1. I wonder too, where are we going ?
      It is mindless. People think just because I went to school with them 30 years back, I share their same likes and would enjoy the same videos or jokes they do. And they just forward and forward. I am not sure what they expect me to do.
      Thank you for reading my rant, Ron.

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      1. My pleasure susie, we all need to let it out once in a while. When my friends send me that stuff, I just don’t respond. Then if they send some real communications, I do respond. Doesn’t take long for them to figure it out. 🙂


      2. That is a good strategy.
        My problem is my friends have a huge friend circle so do you think they will even remember who liked their messages or who didn’t ?
        But you are right, and it makes me smile to think of it, it would give them some work – if they have to categorize their messages according to the tastes of their readers.
        I somehow think this mindless forwarding of information to all in their friends group is a sign of laziness.

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      3. Absolutely right. They can’t be bothered thinking up some material to have to write to communicate, so they just drop a graphic, or shoot off (forward) something someone else sent them.

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  3. You aren’t alone Susie.
    Because I’m a bit more computer ‘savvy’, I don’t open emails that have ‘forwards’ in them (they show up in my email box with ‘FW’ so I know that there’s a forwarded link or video etc, in the email. Nor do I let links pass through comments on my blog – as I feel a responsibility towards followers and readers.

    There is a way of (kind of) magically seeing what’s inside an email if you’re suspicious of it, and I will use that sometimes, but I don’t bother doing it unless I feel it’s necessary.

    Because I know how hidden bugs and viruses can be forwarded, unknowingly sometimes, via these forwarded links, I simply deleted all emails which have forwards in them.

    I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, the only social media things I have are my blog, Twitter and bloglovin’ (because they’re both linked to my blog) and Pinterest – so that I can save things I enjoy. So very little chance of being sent anything on those. But if I do get sent a Pinterest link …. I don’t click on it. For in those links can be a hidden virus.

    I know it probably sounds like I’m crazy – but I’m not someone who’s happy to pay for expensive repairs to my machine, nor happy to have to go and buy a new computer if it can’t be repaired after some virus or other has been introduced to it.

    I have virus protection – but there are some very clever people out there, and very clever bits of coding, which can get past even the best security. So I’m happy to be known as someone who doesn’t click links or open forwards.

    The ‘Delete’ button is such a valuable tool, don’tcha think? LOL.

    Take care of ‘you’ and your computer Susie. Use the delete button whenever you feel the need.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Thank you Cobs. What a wonderful message. I wish you would make a post on this as it would be so useful for a lot of us.
      I don’t “facebook” either as I found I was addicted to just opening it and looking at what people posted since I last visited. This was a new year resolution.
      What about WhatsApp or Viber – how do we find “forwards” ?

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      1. Hello Susie.
        Glad to hear you’ve turned your back on Facebook. It’s not a nice place to be, or to support. I joined once – sometime last year, to see what it was like and actually try to understand why people liked it so much. I was there for about a week, when they locked me out and demanded that I give them a good photograph of myself and a copy of my passport, or proof of my age. They wanted me to send my birth certificate to them!

        What the dickens would a chat programme want my birth certificate for, or my passport, and a decent photo of me … what a darn cheek.

        I actually wrote to them and waited for a reply. I didn’t get one. So I had to work out a way of getting back into my account so that I could delete my photographs and all the information which they had on me. Once I did that, I deleted my account and have never been back. People need to get wise and protect the stuff which is important to them. Identity theft has become so easy and it’s on the rise. Once your identity has been stolen and used for what ever reasons, it can take years and years to get things sorted out again, and until you’ve proven to be you, and not be the person who’s ran up loads of debt etc., your credit score is left in a disastrous way.

        It’s just not worth chancing that some organisation is protecting your interests – when they have a proven record of not protecting the interests of their members already!

        You’ve very much done the right thing Susie. Protect yourself and your interests. You’re not losing anything or missing anything. You’re keeping things real. (And that’s a healthy way to live).

        Sending you heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  4. Timelesslady says:

    Not sure, and someone might have said this, but sometimes these sites send things automatically, without any direction from the person involved.


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