This is another Friday rant – or so it seems to me.

Why does it happen that when I comment on someone’s blog, the comments disappear into oblivion and don’t turn up ? The blogger who may be a friend, doesn’t know I have commented on her post and I keep wondering why he/she doesn’t respond to my comment and so it goes on, till one day, I stop commenting and the blog writer stops visiting my blog, all because messages go into oblivion.

Sometimes, I have had to go to common friends and ask them of a favor to let the common blogger friend know and that helps a lot. I often don’t find a contact email on their blog to let them know of my vanishing messages.

What would you do ?


22 thoughts on “Spam

  1. I would ask if they got it. Or to check their spam. I had hundreds of spam and when i approved them i coudln’t find them!!!!!! So i couldn’t even reply because they just poofed . It is so frustrating.

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      • I saw them there and i approved them and could not find them and some of them had been there over a month!
        I’m having so many issues with wordpress.
        I had over 500 spam the other day but about 20 of them were from my actual friends who comment all the time like you. And the rest i had to go through and delete. I have no idea how this happens.

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  2. I admit I will delete some comments that I just don’t want to see like when they are offensive, but its rare when I do. Maybe in your case its a matter of being approved and displayed. Keep commenting.

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  3. Some comment on my blog came up as approved other not but they are there anyway.have you contacted the help page?There was someone else complaining about the fact her blog was like a ghost blog and the WP technical support helped.

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