Guest fever

The last week has been busy.  My daughter had a call to go for a college interview rather suddenly. So we needed to get things ready in a matter of two days. The day she was travelling was the day we had my brother-in-law visiting us. During his visit, we invited a few friends over for dinner and as a completely homemade meal was planned, it took some two days to put together.

I am someone who does not enjoy visitors. For one, the house turns upside down and second, I can’t put up my feet and relax as I like to. This fear of visitors is becoming a paranoia with me. Every time someone announces they are passing through, I can feel the panic setting in. I can’t cook – for anything and don’t enjoy it at all but I will have to when we have visitors- at least to keep up an act of being hospitable.

Everything went well despite my trepidation. I guess it is like an examination for me. Visitors and their visits make me feel like I am going to give a test and when the visit is over, I feel relief until the next time when the whole is repeated.

All’s well that ends well and the visitors left, seemingly happy. I am one handbag richer and my husband a new Fitbit.

At office this week, I had visitors from our main campus and I have been busy with meetings from Sunday to Wednesday. It was a grueling time. I took off from work yesterday to recover.

Do you have ” guest fever “?