An application gone wrong

My husband is back after his short trip home. He brought news that the application to a prestigious university has opened and that our younger daughter should start her application process soon. We decided to give her a heads up and start the process off with basic details, while she attended Saturday classes.

After the registration of the student on the site, there comes a section in which the question asked is – what is the type of your application ? And the options are :

  1. General open
  2. Sponsored
  3. Other category

Without thinking too much, I applied “General open”. And filling in other questions, moved on to the next page. A pop up appeared which said, please verify the details on this page,as once you go to the next page, you cannot return to this page. What a strange system !

I accepted the condition and moved forward until the last page when it was time to make payment. My husband passed on his credit card and the payment went through. Then he asked me – hey, where is the question – what category are you applying under ? And I said, I answered that question with ” General open”. All hell broke loose.

It seems he wanted daughter 2 to apply as a Sponsored candidate. Since the application system did not allow changes to be made when it moved from one page to the next, there was no way, I could change the answer. I was given an earful and called irresponsible(which is probably true).

Now I am left with the option of asking the University to make the required change and see if they accept my request.

Hard times, or what ?