Dear Lord

I am up this morning early. it is a habit to wake up around this time of day now. The sun is still sleeping but the early birds are chirping their sweet song. These bird sounds will not be heard much longer here for summer is fast approaching.

As summer comes closer and the winter/Spring weather recedes to the background, I am left with regrets. Where did the cold weather go ? The natural cold I mean. Our buildings are naturally kept cold through winter and even colder during summer, so there is no want for using winter clothes through the year.

H& M has sales and some discounts on winter clothes. Now is a good time to buy. But like King Solomon, at this moment, I feel – why should I ? What is the point ? I am going to hotter climates when I return home and there will be no need for such warm clothes there. If I move to colder climes for my Master’s program, I will need much warmer clothes than those I have.

My daughter’s mental state worries me, Lord. She talked to me openly yesterday. She said that she thought Medicine was a mistake for her. She wants to take up a creative line- something that involves writing and other means of creating things. She is in to photography now. She does not want to enter the rat race that is Medical practice and get lost or stuck in a rut that is predictable. She wants unpredictability and adventure in her life. She wants to see life.

To me, it reads as though she is lonely and is in want of a good friend. Till the time, she finds that special human friend, I pray that you hold her hand and give her life direction.

I pray that she sees an opportunity for what it is- a window to a new life.

I pray that she does not lose herself in the glitter of life and is grounded throughout her life.

I pray that she finds good friends to help her along the way of life. I pray that she learns to trust and to let go sometimes and that it is ok to cry.

I pray that her life gives her plenty of adventure and excitement but that she stays grounded through it all.

15 thoughts on “Dear Lord

  1. Breathe Susie. In and out. slowly.

    I don’t know how old she is right now, but as the mum of two daughters, I know that neither of them knew what they wanted to do as a career when they finally left education. Daughter No.1 started off working in a hotel, taking care of all their special arrangements for gatherings – she was a conference manager, but arranged other things too, such as weddings etc. But that’s not what she made her career as.

    She did, for a time feel a calling and with the encouragement of the Father at the church she attends, she began making in-roads into becoming part of the Church in a much bigger way. But now, in her thirties …. she’s a professional photographer.

    Daughter No.2 – was set on becoming a Forensic Scientist. She made all the right noises, made enquiries, contacts and looked to be going in the right direction. She then changed her mind and chose a career in computers. She was the woman to go to when anything was wrong or if someone didn’t know how to do XXX. Valued by her employer and everything a mother could be proud of.

    Then she met her husband (on the internet – as she would since computers were her life! lol), they courted for about 2 years and eventually got married in the church she was christened in. But she had to move 200 miles away as her now husband had a highly paid job and a house he owned, so it made sense to move to him.

    Cutting a long story short – they had a baby and she became mum. She’s a full time mum right now, but has confided that as soon as she can, she will return to work and she’d like to work in the big hospital here. In the department where the testing of bloods, urines and [cough] the other ‘stuff’ goes on.

    Both of my girls are miles away from what they thought they were going to want to do. And miles away from their first jobs. But I think the secret is to allow them to breathe and let them experience the job(s) they ‘think’ they want to do. Give them the space, the time, and support for what they feel the need to do. For the direction they feel they want to go in.

    I bet it’s not where she ends up – but where she ends up might be five, ten, fifteen years down the line, and she may have tried 2, 3, 4, 5 jobs in that space of time. All of them will build her confidence and experience of working and dealing with other people.

    Trust her Susie, to do the right thing. Trust God to help her make her choices. Ask Him to take care of her, and to help her go in the right direction – for HER.
    And remind yourself that she’s the young woman you brought up – and you obviously did a great job because she has the confidence to talk to you and share her plans with you.

    Pray, and then leave it with Him. He knows what He’s doing. You just have to love her.
    Sending you much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  2. Dear Cobs,
    Thank you writing a reply from your heart. It touched me. As mothers, our daughters are our pride and the very reason for our existence, in so many ways. Though our relationship may not look like it, often, the relationship between mum and her girl is deep. She is better now. I don’t mind that she changes her line and does something else. I want her to be happy with the experiments she wants to do in her life, and accept challenges and change as windows of opportunity.
    Sometimes children think we block their creativity because the home they grew in has certain rules which the outside world does not believe in or where those rules are not applicable. My girl wants to be in the outside world, free, and experience new things. She is 24. She has been with us for a year now, after her graduation. She was applying to various colleges for her post-graduate degree. So far nothing has materialized and she is getting a little dejected.
    Hence her sorrow.
    Now she has moved to my home country but being a location where there is stiff competition, she fears she will not be able to match up to the competition. This is probably another cause for her sorrow.
    And third, now I feel, she needs a companion and that companion is not her parents. It, I think, would be, another human being. I just hope and pray she finds someone who loves and cherishes her.

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  3. Dear Susie, I do not have daughters, but as a mom I remember how hard it was to let my sons find their way. Until they ended up in jobs they really love they were sad, constantly looking and not content. Many many prayers later my three sons are in three totally different type of occupations. My oldest is a finish trim carpenter and makes the most beautiful furniture. My second son, who always struggled with reading comprehension, drives an 18 wheel semi truck and loves it. My youngest is in the graphic design world. They have all slowly found their niche and are doing well. It took them a bit to find that niche but God has been gracious and put them where they need to be. I have no doubt your daughter will also find her niche. I have no doubt because she has you as her praying mother, Susie. I will be praying with you that she hears that still small whisper of God telling her what the plan is.

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  4. I hope the best for you and your daughter. So many people go through this and things work out fine anyway. i did not intend to become a violin teacher-but it seems our purpose finds us. And sometimes a purpose changes, too. I pray for you too-Just know for sure, that God has this. love Michele

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  5. Susie,
    I never had daughters but wish I did.
    I did have two sons, one I’m very proud of, and one I’m still praying for.
    There have been times I’ve had to let go and let God have him. That my friend is so very hard.
    I hope all is well with you all,

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