Lost passport

After her SAT exam, daughter 2 called me to pick her up from outside the hall. I was in the library getting some books, and as it was pretty close, I told her I would be there in a minute or two.

I drove past her building, saw her standing outside and I am pretty sure I saw her with the folder in which she kept her hall ticket and passport but it was a fleeting glance. I went straight on, turned back at the roundabout, took a U-turn and came back to be able to get to my daughter. Rather a long way to get her, you think ? Its true but when I saw her with the folder, she was on the other side of the road and to reach the “other side of the road”, I had to follow the roundabout route.

The exam didn’t go too well. So we discussed her options as I drove homewards. I forgot about her folder and passport but somewhere, subconsciously I did remember her having done something with it in the car.

On the way home, since it was already 2 pm,we decided to go to an Iranian restaurant which daughter 2 had noted some time ago. So we found ourselves parking and went to the said restaurant. The food was good, ambience very soothing and service quick. During the meal, I asked daughter 2 about her passport and she said it must be in the car- so I let it go.

After the meal, when we reached the car, I asked her about the passport again and we looked for it in the car but didn’t find it. All we found were my 4 library books, my handbag and a bottle of water- no hall ticket or passport.

At home, daughter went off to bed, being tired but she did search for the passport cursorily.

Many hours later, I drove off to the gym in my car- I searched the car thoroughly when I returned but couldn’t find the passport. Now I was convinced, she had left it in the exam center and that I had to go tomorrow and if possible try to get if from the security guard.

These were my thoughts when I got out from the bath tub this evening. I went to daughter’s room where she was doing her homework. I asked her about the passport and she told me she found it in the car. What a relief !


24 thoughts on “Lost passport

      1. Yes I am back! It was a wonderful weekend. You are so very right about children! My youngest always had the hardest time keeping track of things. He is married now and I have a feeling his wife has taken over that job.
        Life has gotten busy here. Our church secretary fell on the ice a few weeks back and broke her wrist. I have been helping her as it is very difficult for her to type with a cast on.
        How have you been doing…..other than hunting for passports?

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      2. Passports, exams, providing a shoulder for girlish tears, an ear for secrets from girls’ hearts, a support to a husband who has been hopping, skipping and jumping countries the past two weeks. Times have been hectic and minds have not been calm but I am holding on.

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      1. bethanyk says:

        Hi! Well things have been a struggle because my husband has been gone for 2 months. He comes home on the weekend to buy us groceries and get me out of the house but it has been difficult here all week for this long and doing laundry all weekend when he is home. Just difficult all around. But just one more week and he will be home and back to the old routine. I like the old routine! Thank you for asking!

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