Baby Shower

A few days back, Outlook sent me an invitation to a Baby Shower in my University. I did not know the mother- to- be in person but thought if someone thought I was good enough to be invited to a party, I should make the effort to go. ( The fact that I have never attended a Baby Shower might have influenced my decision  a little).

At 12, we went into room 137, the room booked for the purpose. There were balloons galore, and food on the table and a cake too. A lot of women, some known and a few unknown moved around the room. Some were signing cards and some chatting in small groups around the room. There seemed to be a strange disunity in the group though all had come for the same purpose. And there was no mother- to- be !

Someone mentioned that the mother was going to get the surprise of her life for she hadn’t been told there was a party in her honor. I wondered how they were going to get her to come to the room. Did I mention the room had only women ?

A couple of the ladies, took up those long thin tube things that they shoot up  in the air to throw up confetti-type material on the person of honor and positioned themselves near the door. Someone opened the door when they saw a shadow on the glass door. The mother walked in with the chief organizer of the party. The gun person shot her gun and it rained confetti on the mother, who looked petrified at the scene and the gunshot.

She soon realised that there was a  party and the party was in her honor. Gathering her wits, she soon adjusted to the room and the various women, from different departments who came to wish her well. At least 25 women showed up and it was a gala affair.

The women were given small blobs of plastic clay and asked to model babies. It was a party game. Everyone participated manfully or should I say playfully. One of the women who made a unicolored baby won the prize. Her gift was a data bank. Someone went around asking people to guess the abdominal girth of the mother to be in inches. The mother is a small made woman with not too much of a tummy. I guessed 28  inches. She measured 39 inches, and I was way off. The woman who guessed 38 won as her entry was the closest to reality.

We then gathered around for cake cutting and wishing the mother the best. Some of the women shared their experiences with labor and pain and epidural anesthesia. Some described the process of “normal labor”. Most agreed that “labor pain” should not be endured when there was the option for alleviation of pain.

Soon all the women gathered around the conference table to eat food. Later photographs were taken for memories and finally good wishes conveyed to the mother who gave a speech thanking everyone who attended.

IT was a great party and a first for me.

An application gone wrong

My husband is back after his short trip home. He brought news that the application to a prestigious university has opened and that our younger daughter should start her application process soon. We decided to give her a heads up and start the process off with basic details, while she attended Saturday classes.

After the registration of the student on the site, there comes a section in which the question asked is – what is the type of your application ? And the options are :

  1. General open
  2. Sponsored
  3. Other category

Without thinking too much, I applied “General open”. And filling in other questions, moved on to the next page. A pop up appeared which said, please verify the details on this page,as once you go to the next page, you cannot return to this page. What a strange system !

I accepted the condition and moved forward until the last page when it was time to make payment. My husband passed on his credit card and the payment went through. Then he asked me – hey, where is the question – what category are you applying under ? And I said, I answered that question with ” General open”. All hell broke loose.

It seems he wanted daughter 2 to apply as a Sponsored candidate. Since the application system did not allow changes to be made when it moved from one page to the next, there was no way, I could change the answer. I was given an earful and called irresponsible(which is probably true).

Now I am left with the option of asking the University to make the required change and see if they accept my request.

Hard times, or what ?

Guest fever

The last week has been busy.  My daughter had a call to go for a college interview rather suddenly. So we needed to get things ready in a matter of two days. The day she was travelling was the day we had my brother-in-law visiting us. During his visit, we invited a few friends over for dinner and as a completely homemade meal was planned, it took some two days to put together.

I am someone who does not enjoy visitors. For one, the house turns upside down and second, I can’t put up my feet and relax as I like to. This fear of visitors is becoming a paranoia with me. Every time someone announces they are passing through, I can feel the panic setting in. I can’t cook – for anything and don’t enjoy it at all but I will have to when we have visitors- at least to keep up an act of being hospitable.

Everything went well despite my trepidation. I guess it is like an examination for me. Visitors and their visits make me feel like I am going to give a test and when the visit is over, I feel relief until the next time when the whole is repeated.

All’s well that ends well and the visitors left, seemingly happy. I am one handbag richer and my husband a new Fitbit.

At office this week, I had visitors from our main campus and I have been busy with meetings from Sunday to Wednesday. It was a grueling time. I took off from work yesterday to recover.

Do you have ” guest fever “?